Alexa Chung Has Just Confirmed *Those* Rumours

After many a Tweet, Snapchat and Insta hint, it has been confirmed that Alexa Chung has added yet another string to her bow with the launch of her new fashion app Villoid.

Promising to be “your very own endless dressing up box”, the app acts as a mix between Pinterest and Instagram, allowing users to create moodboards consisting of products and inspirational images from accounts including Acne, ASOS, Chloe and Burberry, as well as other regular users.




Taking to Instagram yesterday, Alexa shared her excitement for the new venture: “I am pleased and proud to announce that the secret app I have been working on for months is now available to download today!!!… It’s called VILLOID (more on that later) and I would love you to play with it and let me know what you think.”

She then signed the post off as “Alexa Zuckerberg-Chung”, giving reference to the fact that you have to log into the app via your Facebook account. Oh Alexa, you joker.


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The best part? The app has a buy button, meaning that if you see something you like, you no longer have the hassle of hunting it down – Alexa has done it for you!

Just incase we’ve missed anything off, the app description reads: “Express your unique style through style boards, follow your friends and other inspiring people, get updates of news and sales from your favourite brands, love products and build a love list (to share with your loved ones in time for Christmas…), and get notified when clothes get declared hot by the community. Then buy the things you love the most.”

Now if that’s not the best app idea ever we’ve ever heard, we don’t know what is. Head to iTunes to get your free download now. We certainly will be!