Awkward Things That Happen If You Look Young For Your Age

Everyone wants eternal beauty and youthfulness… Apparently. But actually, do people realise how toe-curlingly annoying it can be to look younger than your years?

Having a baby face really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Okay, we know we’ll age beautifully. And we won’t have to spend hundreds of pounds on anti-wrinkles creams… But there are many, many downsides to this fresh visage, we’ll have you know.

And we’re not just talking about not being served at the bar. Here are 13 awkward realities of looking young for your age.

1. Dealing with the fact that if you’ve left your ID at home, your night is effectively over.

2. Having to wear ALL the make-up to attempt to look older…



3. …But looking like you’ve raided your mum’s make-up bag any time you try red lipstick. Yay.

4. Being asked if you have a student card in Topshop.



4. Getting rejected from certificate 18 films. Because who takes their ID to the cinema?! FML.

5. People constantly assuming your younger sibling is your school friend/the older one.



6. Having 18 year old boys follow you round the club all night. I AM 27-YEARS-OLD. And no, you cannot be my toyboy.

7. Strangers having a total fit when your reveal your age. ‘WHAT? NO WAY! YOU LOOK SOOOO YOUNG! YOU’RE NOT 28! WHAT MAGIC MOISTURISER DO YOU USE?’

8. Being mistaken for the intern in the work lift.



9. Nursing your poor, broken feet after wearing heels 24/7. Because a tiny heel goes a long way in upping the adult ante.

10. Being thrown questionable glances when holding a baby/your boyfriend’s hand/a glass of red wine.




11. Looking like the WORST dinner guest after turning up empty handed because they refused you that bottle of Prosecco at Sainsbury’s. Screw you, ID.

12. Answering the door to the gas man and having him ask: ‘Hi, are your parents in?’ ‘Erm, no, I own this house.’

13. Having people treat you like you don’t have a clue what you’re doing. Yes, I AM here to sort out my MOT by myself.