Apparently This Is The Age When You Feel Like An Adult

Do you any of you feel like adults yet?

We’re still struggling to fill out tax returns and remember our Bin Days, but apparently, if you’re in your twenties, you’re not far off official adulthood. 

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> Megan Fox is 29. And she looks pretty grown-up to us.


A new survey by Fly Research has revealed that us Brits reckon we feel like an adult once we’re 29. So, how have they worked that one out?

Well, of the 2,000 people surveyed, 64% said that buying a new home signifies you’re an adult, whilst 63% reckoned it was becoming a parent that officially sealed the deal.

> Robert Pattinson? More like a man-child, we reckon..


Getting married was also an indicator of adulthood. ‘The research shows that what people really believe constitutes being an ‘adult’ are actually significant life events that give them adult responsibilities’, the study said.

‘Up until that point, regardless of their actual age, they are still perceived adolescents.’ 

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> Don’t even get us started on Shia LaBeouf (yep, he’s 29 too…)


And what about the things that definitely didn’t make us feel like adults? Well, living at home longer, resisting getting a ‘real job’ and watching kids’ cartoon and films were the worst offenders, according to the survey.

While we can definitely identify with the results, we still have some issues. And Audience Development Manager, Stevie Keen (29), doesn’t agree with this survey one bit.

> Amanda Bynes is also technically an ‘adult’ at 29-years-old


‘I don’t feel any more of an adult now that when I was 22’, she says. And if important life markers determine when you feel like an adult, what about all of those people who don’t plan on getting married or having kids? Will they be eternal adolescents?

We’re going to stick with that famous saying. You’re only as old as you pretend to be ; )