Adriana Lima Is Slammed For Saying Model Life ‘Isn’t Easy’

Think being one of the world’s most famous supermodels is easy? It’s definitely not, according to Adriana Lima.

The Brazilian-born star, 34, took to Instagram earlier this week to share a heartfelt post about the realities of life in the industry. And TBH, we’re not sure we could cut it.

Adriana Lima Adriana Lima posted this photo alongside her message


She’d written: ‘This is not a complain, just sharing a little bit of my life. Sometimes, people question, that model life is easy, and that’s wrong, we work as hard as any other individual [sic].

‘Today I had 10 hours of work day, shooting with a very bad cold, coughing no stop and a massive headache. That did not stopped me on doing what I love.

‘I finished, went to airport, to comeback home to see my 2 princesses. Arriving there, my flight was over 3 hours delayed. I fly from NYC to Miami. Just waked home 2am.

Adriana Lima We’re more used to seeing Adriana Lima looking super-glam


‘Happy to be here. And wanted to share the face of a hard working model, and share that I am not the only one that works this hard. Thank you. And I hope my message don’t get misunderstand. Love u all.’

To prove her point, Adriana had accompanied her message with a slightly less-than-flattering (but still pretty stunning) selfie.

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Adriana Lima Adriana Lima is a doting mum


She didn’t appear to be wearing any make-up, her hair had been pulled into a messy ponytail and her nose looked red and runny. Poor lady :(.

However, despite Adriana’s honesty, she still received a heavy dose of criticism from some of her followers.

Adriana Lima There are definitely *some* perks to Adriana Lima’s job


One commented: ‘Most of us work extremely hard, love. That’s life. However, most of us don’t get paid millions whilst doing it,’ while another simply wrote: ‘Still better than a 9-5.’

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Hmmm. Considering Adriana is mum to daughters Valentina, 6, and three-year-old Sienna, it must be incredibly difficult being away from home so often.

Adriana Lima This isn’t the first time Adriana Lima shown us behind-the-scene shots of the modelling world


And we’re all about women smashing their careers. Perhaps we should cut her some slack, yeah?