Adele Had Us ALL Fooled With This Tour Lie

Adele has just made one WHOPPER of an announcement that will surprise everyone. She’s doing a world tour in 2016!

In case you’d forgotten, the singer has been making a point recently of telling people how she didn’t think she could manage a world tour any time soon.

‘There is something quite lonely about going on stage in front of loads of people and then everyone going home’, she told BBC Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw.

‘It sounds really silly. I’m sure they would hang out with me, if I invited them back to my hotel, but I feel quite on my own a lot on tour.’

She added: ‘I like to think I’ve got it in me to do global tour – but we haven’t made any firm plans.’

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>instagram" class="imagecache-scaled_620px_wide" src="" title="Adele cracked herself up by accidentally speaking her own lyrics..."> Adele cracked herself up by accidentally speaking her own lyrics…


Pfft. What a load of baloney that was, because it turns out, she’d been bluffing all along!

Announcing her exciting news – that she will be touring 36 dates in the UK, Ireland and Europe in 2016 – via an Instagram video, the 27-year-old said: 

‘Hello, it’s me, Adele…’, before bursting into laughter over accidentally singing her own lyrics. ‘God, I can’t even say that anymore!’ she giggled.

The mum-of-one continued: ‘I have been bluffing this whole time and I am so relieved to finally tell you that I am, of course coming on tour, and I can’t wait to see all of you there. So see you all very very soon!’

This will mark Adele’s first tour in a whopping five years, and tickets will go on sale online on 1st December at 9am – mouses at the ready!

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