Adele’s Carpool Karaoke Is Everything We Hoped It’d Be

Adele’s carpool karaoke is the viral video we’ve been waiting for, and now it’s finally here in all its full-length glory!

While James Cordon was back home in London for Christmas (LA’s got NOTHING on a Great British Crimbo after all), he did the world a massive favour by hitting up his pal Adele and getting her to agree to take part in his UK edition of Carpool Karaoke – just one of the hit segments on his American talk show, The Late Late Show.

Ok, so we all know the singer has an epic set of pipes on her anyway but, in addition to her insane vocals, she brings the laughs in a big way, engages in exemplary hand dancing and tells some pretty hilarious drinking stories of over-indulging on six glasses of wine and handing out tickets to her concerts while drunk – yep, she’s a total legend. Why do our nights out never end like that? Not. Fair.


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The star went on to reveal her secret skills, telling James that she played the backing drums in Hello. On top of that, she’s also a badass rapper, as her Nicki Minaj cover proves. Is there anything this woman can’t ruddy do? Doesn’t look like it…

Check out the full video for yourselves below, and prepare to fall even more in love with Adele. What a lady.