This Video Of Adele Wearing A Fake Nose Is Everything

Adele likes to have a joke, we all know that. But what the singer pulled off on her BBC special on Friday might have just been the most LOL thing she’s ever done. 

The Hello crooner decided to give a bunch of Adele impersonator the shock of their lives when she went undercover to one of their auditions, donning a fake nose and chin to render herself totally unrecognisable.  

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> Source: BBC


In the skit, featured on Adele At The BBC, Adele is first seen meeting host Graham Norton, fresh from the prosthetics room.

Shaking his hand and giggling, the 27-year-old introduced herself as ‘Jenny’ as she explained that she was going to put on a fake voice to hide her Essex twang and walk with a waddle to throw the auditionees off the scent.

> Adele gives us a behind-the-scenes peek of her transformation…


‘Jenny’ then joined nine Adele impersonators at the Wimbledon Theatre to audition for Graham’s new top secret TV show.

Feigning illness and nerves backstage, the Grammy award-winner pretended to be a part-time nanny, and it’s safe to say no one batted an eyelid.  

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> Source: BBC


But when she finally took to the stage as the last auditionee and began her rendition of Make You Feel My Love, well… Let’s just say we had a major lump in our throat. 

Belting out her famous hit song beautifully, Adele soon had the impersonaters guessing her true identity due to her instantly recognisable voice.

> Source: BBC


Nudging each other in shock and tearing up, the girls couldn’t hide their emotion as they watched their favourite artist perform right in front of them. 

Adele impersonator Katie Markham said: ‘As soon as the first words were sung I knew it was her. I perform as Adele for a living so I know exactly how she sings every note.’ 

> Source: BBC


‘Nobody else noticed at first and I had to keep telling everyone: “It’s Adele!” The whole experience was mind blowing. It is almost overwhelming to think that we met our idol.’

Naww. Watch the whole shebang below…