An Absolutely Fabulous Movie Is Finally Coming!

Picture: BBC/FOX

We’ve long-awaited a film adaptation of the hit TV series, Absolutely Fabulous.

And now, at long last, we can confirm that filming has begun on Ab Fab: The Movie. 

Yep, the first promotional shot featuring the irreverent in-your-face Patsy Stone and Edina Monsoon complete with sunnies, champers and slightly false grins on board a rather lavish yacht has been released, and we couldn’t be more excited.

But while the hilarious Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders will reprise their original roles, it looks like the life of the (absolutely fabulous) duo is in for a pretty big change.


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As it stands, the storyline remains sketchy, but what we do know is that it involves the pair fleeing from London for the oh-so-glam French Riviera. And judging by the preliminary snap, it looks like the pair have adapted to suitably snazzy personas.


Absolutely fabulous movie Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders will both star in the film set for release in 2016



In fact, Edina aka Eddy is even wearing a rather fitting pink Pucci kaftan, while Patsy looks every inch the fashionista sporting a perfectly blowdried bouffant (obvs), pinstripe blazer and white cigarette trews.

Speaking of cigarettes, though, we’re sure a trail of butts won’t be far behind them wherever they are headed.

57-year-old Jennifer says, “Eddy and Patsy are looking for what they imagine glamorous life should be, that perfect place – and it just might be round the next corner.”

As for the rest of the cast, cameo appearances from Kate Moss, Emma Bunton, Harry Styles and even Kim Kardashian have been mooted for the film. Julia Sawalha will also return as straight-laced Saffron Monsoon and daughter of Eddy.

Whichever ‘sweetie darlings’ do end up joining the duo, the BBC film adaptation really is set to be absolutely fabulous. We’re just chomping at the bit for a final release date..