Abbey Clancy Just Revealed Her Amazing Post-Baby Bod

Prepping your bod for a Women’s Health cover in itself is no mean feat, but just twelve weeks after giving birth to a second child is pretty much mission impossible – for everyone but Abbey Clancy, that is.

In her first magazine shoot since giving birth to her second daughter Liberty Rose, model-turned-wag-turned-businesswoman Abbey showcased her flawless post-baby bod in a series of drop-dead gorgeous snaps for November 2015’s Women’s Health.

But despite being the owner of one perfectly honed physique, Abbey said: “It’s strange that my body makes news. I don’t like those stories when it’s put in a negative light. Like I’m starving myself.”

And that’s certainly not the case.

Abbey Clancy Abbey flaunts her impressive abs wearing a white cut-out swimsuit in the inside shoot




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“I live with a professional athlete,” she added. “We eat healthy meals, home-cooked fresh food. My mum had four children and each time she had a baby, she was back to normal within weeks. So genetics play a part. I don’t diet, but with a four-year-old (eldest daughter Sophia), a new baby and no nannies, neither do I sit still.”

Much like every other new mum, though, not all of Abbey’s bod has stayed in tact.

“I’m 9st now,” she said, “Your shape just changes. My boobs went. My belly button’s a bit saggier. But I’ve got two beautiful babies, so I’m not that concerned.”


Abbey clancy Abbey Clancy fronts Women’s Health’s November 2015 issue


In fact, Miss Clancy went on to share her and hubby Peter Clancy’s plans to add to their brood: “We’d like four. Including a boy. I felt so sorry for Pete when we were on holiday because there was a Chelsea Football Academy and Barbie World.

“And all the dads were playing football with the little boys and Pete was getting glitter put on his eyes in Barbie World. I was like, ‘We need a boy’.”

“We do alternate night feeds. Pete’s amazing. I think it’s such a short period of time you’ve got with babies and it goes so quick.”

We’ll second that!