Abbey Clancy On Bargain Hunting And Getting Beach Ready

From styling for Matalan to judging on Britain’s Next Top Model, mum-of-two Abbey is certainly not short of things to do. But despite being super busy, Abbey’s latest Matalan campaign is even more amazing than the previous. We caught up with her for all the deets…


We love the more casual vibe of the new collection Abbey. What made you move away from the usual slinky dresses and partywear?

I still love that side of things, but I wanted to appeal to a wider audience and get a little bit of everything in there. My mum who’s in her 60s already has a list of things she’s going to buy, but my sister who’s 19 wants a lot of it too!


Have you got a favourite piece?

I love the wide leg black pants with the khaki cami and black bomber jacket. You can wear the look with trainers during the day or heels at night.


Which would you wear on date night?

The little red dress! It’s perfect, just add a pair of strappy sandal heels or wedges and you’re good to go.



Abbey Clancy’s ultimate date night pick




What’s your go to off-duty outfit?

Definitely jeans and a t-shirt – especially since being a mum! It’s comfortable and easy to dress up or down if your plans change, but it doesn’t matter if you get baby sick down it either!


You styled the campaign again, would you ever fancy being a celebrity stylist full time?

No! I like going into warehouses and picking out my favourite bits and pieces for a full collection but there’s too much pressure to get it right when you’re doing it for one person in particular. I admire people who can do that.










The most expensive piece in the collection is £30, are you a fan of bargain hunting?

Of course! I’m from Liverpool! People always ask me where things are from and I’m like ‘£10 in the H&M sale’. I think it’s stupid when people won’t admit they’ve bought things in the sale. When you’re from Liverpool it’s a good thing.


What do you splurge on?

Handbags or shoes. I recently bought a black blazer in a super comfy quality that I can wear everyday. They have to be timeless wardrobe investments for me to really splash out.








Are you heading off on holiday this summer? If so, what will you be packing from the collection?

I’ve been! I went to the South of France because my husband only gets to go away in June but I’ll be going to Mallorca for a family wedding next month. I’ll be taking the whole collection again. There’s something to suit every occasion – shorts and tops for the day and dresses for the evenings.


What would you say is essential for any holiday capsule wardrobe?

Good bikinis but also a good hat. They can make an outfit look so much classier.


What’s your secret to getting beach ready?

Be well organised. I pack months and months ahead because of the kids and all the nappies, food, Calpol and bottles I have to pack and then when it comes to me I just chuck a load of denim shorts, tops and sandals in and I’m done. As long as you plan ahead you won’t get stressed.

> Abbey Clancy’s favourite look from her Matalan collection






Have you shopped for clothes anywhere recently that might surprise us?

All Saints. It was a concession and I bought a really nice suede jacket in the sale for £295. They’ve really upped their game – everything looked designer and the menswear section was even better.


What’s the last piece of high street clothing you bought? 

I bought a cover-up in H&M for £25. It’s a nice floaty material that will go with everything and give a bit of extra coverage on holiday.


What’s your favourite high street shop?

Matalan or H&M. They’re both really affordable but look really expensive.








Sum up your style in three words.

Plain, classic and chic. I have hardly any colour in my wardrobe – 90% is black or white.


Who would you say is your ultimate fashion icon?

Brigitte Bardot or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – they both look clean cut but also quite feminine.


Bikini or one-piece?



Diet coke or green juice?

Green juice – I can’t have fizzy drinks in the house with the kids!


Smoky eye or bold lip?

Smoky eye.


Dresses or suits?