Abbey Clancy Talks Body Image, Twitter and Leo’s Texts

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Abbey Clancy is fast becoming our favourite Scouser. And trust us, we’ve got a few. But thanks to her recent turn as a judge on Britain’s Next Top Model and her design prowess for one of the high street’s hot spots, she’s found a very special place in our hearts. 

We’ve been champions of Abbey’s Matalan collections from the beginning. For one, the woman seems to know exactly how we want to dress. Each drop has been packed with everything from casual separates to party frocks, and anything in between. 

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This season is no exception. Only this time, Abbey has made an edit of her very favourite pieces, creating the perfect, round-the-clock capsule wardrobe. And proving that she’s not just a pretty face (or a great designer), Abbey not only models her picks, she’s also styled the campaign images, too. Talk about multi-tasking. Add to that the fact that she’s a megababe, and you can see why we want to be her new best friend. 

But don’t just take our word for it. We caught up with Abbey to talk about body image, being a BNTM judge and with whom she’d most like to go on a night out, you know, club-wise. 


We love that you’ve styled the campaign this season. Obviously you’ve worked a lot with Katie Grand and lots of big stylists in the past- did you ask for any advice or was it something that came really naturally to you?

Well, I think… I sort of did it on my own but I have picked up tips along the way. And I think my whole idea with this was that for young girls, young mums, mums in general who just want to look stylish, be comfortable, it works without thinking or planning. A lot of this can all mix and match together. You could literally buy the whole collection and mix it all together. I hope it’s ticked all the boxes for different body shapes and sizes, problem areas people want to cover. Everyone’s different.

Is that something you’re quite conscious of when you design?

Yeah I am because when I was designing the previous collections, someone would be like ‘oh I love that but it’s just a little bit too short’ or ‘I’d love that with a sleeve’. You’re so used to dressing yourself you don’t think, so as the years have gone on and I’ve got more experience with it, I have tried to keep that in mind and try to cater for everyone.

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Do you get quite a lot of feedback, then?

Yeah! And girls send me pictures on Instagram and Tweet me. It’s great.

You’re involved in so many aspects of fashion now- do you have a favourite?

It’s all really different and I’ve been quite lucky in my career, I’ve been able to cross so many different bases and things I enjoy. That’s what keeps it so exciting and fresh for me and why I love my job because every day is different and I enjoy every bit of it. I do love designing, I have really loved this process of going in store, picking out my edit…

Has this been your favourite collection so far?

Yeah, I think it has. Because it can be quite overwhelming going into store and seeing so many items. You want to pick an outfit and there’s so much to choose from… sometimes it’s just easier to get it done for you and I think these little edits and picks help.

So you’re basically everybody’s personal shopper?

Haha yeah, hopefully!

We loved Britain’s Next Top Model but you got quite a lot of criticism on social media, with people saying you were too harsh to the girls. Did you feel like you needed to be like that with them because the industry itself is so tough?

I’m realistic as a person. I’m honest and I’m straight. I like a no bulls**t approach to everything. I just want people to be fair, straight and honest. Then there’s no confusion or messing round. We couldn’t spend much time with the girls unfortunately on the show. It was strict, we could only speak to the girls when we were doing an assignment with them or in elimination and I did get a bit of feedback on Twitter and stuff but I think, you know, it just comes with the territory and I’m not going to be a good judge if I’m not going to speak my mind and critique them and give them my opinion and what I feel is right for that particular thing. Yeah, I think some people thought I was a bit strong but…

Twitter gives everyone the chance to voice their opinion…

I’m not a nasty person and I would never ever want to put someone down or make them feel lousy.

Is that something that bothers you? If you see comments on social media?

Sometimes. If it’s out of context and people are just picking up the tail end of things, but being a judge you need to be true to what you believe in and stand your ground and hopefully try and help them get further. 

Is there anything you wouldn’t wear?

I’m quite safe with what I wear. My go-to outfits are jeans and a top and a cool jacket or… black. But I’ve tried to introduce some colour, make it more spring/summer friendly. Everyone knows what suits them.  

What’s your favourite part of your body?

Erm, I don’t know. Legs? I don’t know if people get up and go ‘yeah, I look fantastic today.’ I think all girls have ups and downs of what they like. Good days and bad days.

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What’s the best party you’ve been to?

I’ve got far too many. My 30th was good. There was burlesque and magaicians… it was good fun. I’ve been to loads though, I couldn’t possibly pick the best one!

Have you ever been star struck?

Yeah. I met Jennifer Saunders. She’s cool. I’m quite pathetic when it comes to this actually. She was probably the most recent. I saw her during fashion week and was like ‘oh my God, you’re a legend!’ Stevie Wonder as well, I was star struck when I met him!

Is there anybody you’d love to go on a night out with?

I’m quite lucky with my friends and family, they’re all good fun. Who would I like to go out with? I like Jennifer Lawrence, she seems like fun.

She’d definitely get the shots in.

Haha yeah, she’d be fun. Leonardo DiCaprio?

Did you see the Carpool Karaoke with J-Lo? When he texted her the words ‘Club-wise. Boo Boo’?

Boo boo? Oh I’ve gone right off Leonardo.