A-List Pets Turn Twitter Stars!

Who doesn’t love a cute pet pic, especially when the animals in question are of decidedly A-list pedigree? Following on from Karl Lagerfeld’s recent revelation that beloved his Siamese cat Choupette has two maids and eats at the table, a Twitter account, @ChoupettesDiary popped up this week, and has already racked up 3552 followers! Expect genius tweets like “In my 9 months I have pawed at more Chanel than most women will see in a lifetime. I bask in your envy” and “Just scratched the screen of one of Daddy’s iPads. Thank God he has 19 more”. The Tweeter behind the account remains unknown, but this is not Choupette’s first foray into the Twittersphere, as Daddy Lagerfeld regulary posts pictures of his kitty – like this one with the iPad in question!

Meanwhile, all eyes were on Victoria Beckham’s fluffy pooch Harry today after the fashionista posted a snap of him lounging in bed wearing one of her frocks. Super funny, but also slightly depressing that a dog has more chance of rocking Victoria Beckham before we do! Keep the pet snaps coming people! GG

Choupette Lagerfeld in a photo from Karl Lagerfeld’s Twitter page and Victoria Beckham’s dog Harry in a picture from her Twitter page.
Photos: Karl Lagerfeld/Twitter, Victoria Beckham/Twitter