A Girl Wore Flats To Graduation And Now Can’t Graduate

So a high school graduate in America potentially won’t be allowed to get her diploma because of what she wore on graduation day: Flat shoes. Say what?!

17-year-old Rachel decided against traditional courts and opted for a pair of comfy trainers instead for her graduation ceremony at Paul VI Catholic High School in Virginia, because she knew she’d feel self-conscious on the day.

‘We have our graduation at a college, it’s a big stage. You walk in front of everyone,’ Rachel told Jezebel. ‘So I was like, why not wear something I feel comfortable in?’

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> Rachel was told she would have to attend a detention before she could receive her diploma


After the number of nightmares we had about tripping and face-planting on stage, we totally get that.

Rachel also took a pair of flats with her in case her sneakers were rejected by the school’s dress code policy, but on the day, no one stopped her or asked her to change. So far, so good.

But here comes the whopper. After the ceremony, Rachel was pulled aside by the school’s principal, vice principal, and another administrator, who all told her that unless she served a day of detention over summer she would not be able to get her diploma. We mean, what?!

This reminds us of the Cannes heels debate all over again…

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And Rachel’s mum is not happy.

‘This is a kid wearing sneakers,’ she told Jezebel. ‘Not a kid flipping the audience off. This is a good kid. She graduated fine, she did volunteer work. This is everything you’d want a kid to be. But I guess they just took her sneakers very personally.’

‘I was looking forward to getting my diploma for years,’ Rachel added. ‘But I was in the car bawling instead. They ruined that moment for me.’

We think this is pretty harsh behaviour. Not being able to graduate over your shoes? What do you think? Should heels be obligatory for such an occasion or each to their own?

Let us know below….

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