A Celebration Of Donatella Versace’s Amazing Fashion Moments

Photos: Rex

As a woman who has dressed the most iconic ladies of our time, designed the most epic of catwalk shows and even kickstarted many a trend with her own wardrobe, Donatella Versace is fashion royalty. For the lovely lady’s 60th birthday, we have counted down the all the reasons why we are still so obsessed with her.

For Creating The Dress That Started Google Images

Perhaps one of the most iconic dresses of all time, J Lo’s green Versace dress from the 2000 Grammys actually kickstarted the idea behind Google Images with the demand for people wanting to see that dress. Everyone knows that it was designed by Donatella Versace, but did you know that she wore it too? Oh yes!



For Being The Ultimate Fashion Blonde

Known for her iconic ice blonde, long locks, Donatella has kept her mane the same since she first hit the scene. Never chopping them off or toning it down, she knows a thing or two about how to create an iconic personal style. Her late brother, Gianna even created a perfume after her, entitled rather appropriately, ‘Blonde’.



She’ll Never Lose Her Love For Leather And All Things Sexy

Just like her attachment to those famous tresses, Donatella doesn’t shy away from her favourite styles. From slipping into a leather dress at the age of 59 to making an entrance in epic red carpet gowns, this fashion queen doesn’t care what anyone thinks and just wears what she loves!



For Creating The Sexiest Celebrity Looks Of All Time 

From Kate Hudon’s bum-baring red couture dress to Naomi Campbell’s low cut gowns, Donatella is responsible for putting our favourite celebs in the slinkiest, sexiest looks we could imagine and for that, we thank her.



For Unforgettable Catwalk Shows

There’s a reason that a Versace show has a special place on every fashion week calendar. The unforgettable shows never fail to impress the fash pack with their overtly sexy and super slick appeal, like this amazing, supermodel-studded staircase spectacle in 2012!


Happy Birthday Donatella! 

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By Amy de Klerk