’90s Fashion: The Trends We All Rocked

*Sigh* The ’90s. What a decade. From The Big Breakfast to Britpop and beyond, if you were lucky enough to be a ’90s teen then you knew how important it was to be rocking the latest fashions. And dude, were we spoiled for choice. In ten short years a style revolution was born, and if you were right there with us (watching Buffy whilst goofing around with your Tamagotchi) then you’ll happily admit to owning at least one, or all of the below. Have we missed anything?

1. Buffalo Shoes

The Spice Girls really started something with Buffalo. Pretty soon we were all bouncing around on sky-high sponge platform trainers thinking we looked the shizz.

Emma Bunton and Geri Halliwell. The Spice Girls loved Buffalo.

2. Skirts Over Trousers

Lucky you if you were one of them girls that had an actual skant (see what we did there?) hybrid. The rest of us had to make do wearing an actual skirt over trousers…

Zoë Ball and B*witched Zoë always knew what looks worked. The girls from B*witched rocked skirts over pants…with a side of double denim.

3. Bhindis

It was the small part of Gwen Stefani’s look that we could pull off at home without having to do a thousand sit-ups a night. Thanks Gwen.

Gwen Stefani and Alisha's Attic Gwen Stefani ticks so many ’90s trend boxes it blows our minds. Plus Alisha’s Attic knew how to rock some bhindi action.

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4. Backless Tops

Less was definitely more in the ‘90s, and that included shameless back flashing. The more you bared, the cooler you were. Total nightmare for those of us generously blessed in the boob department.

Mel C Mel C knew how to bring some back to her ’90s look.

5. Babydoll Dresses

It started with Whigfield. It ended around ‘95. The high street is now full of them again. Up the My So Called Life ante by wearing a white tee underneath.

Whigfield and '90s party girls. Whigfield and the original ’90s IT girls Tara Palmer Tomkinson & Tamara Beckwith…nailing a Babydoll.

6. The Cult Street Brands

Naff Naff jackets and Kickers shoes were essential fifth year fashion; if you didn’t rock at least one of the two you may as well have moved schools.

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7. The Classy Brands

We all aspired to wear chic French imports Morgan and Kookai (if just for the trophy plastic shopping bags) or quirky Red Or Dead. Let’s face it, there came an age where Tammy Girl just didn’t cut it anymore.

Red Or Dead The Red Or Dead store in Covent Garden. A ’90s mecca.

8. Pedal Pushers

As seen on Geri Halliwell and Denise van Outen, these babies made everyone look like a confused 1950’s teenager. Not at all flattering on the crotch area.

Geri Halliwell in pedal pushers Geri Halliwell pretty much brought back ’90s pedal pushers all by herself.

9. Dragon & Flame Motifs

Remember Natalie Imbruglia’s tee in Torn? Yeah, don’t pretend you didn’t try and hunt that one down.

Natalie Imbruglia, Lisa Kudrow and Christina Ricci Natalie Imbruglia: Beth from Neighbours cuts hair. Lisa Kudrow and Christina Ricci – sporting a rather fetching pair of flame motif/pedal pusher hybrids.

10. Butterfly Hair Clips

They came in packs of twenty, but when it came to artfully twisting your hair into that signature ‘90s updo you only ever could find one. We’re still baffled twenty years on.

Zoë Ball and Jennifer Aniston Zoë knew butterfly clips were the backbone of every ’90s twist n’spike updo. Jen has gone for the rope effect here…with butterflies.

11. Combat Trousers

The All Saints ladies made utility pants a bona fide trend. It basically meant we all walked around with our knickers hanging out.

All Saints The girls from All Saints championed the low-slung look.

12. Satin Anything

Shiny satin dresses or maxi skirts (preferably cut on the bias) were the a-list go-to for red carpet glam. Drew Barrymore liked to accessorize hers with a crochet poncho. What a maverick.

Neve Campbell and Drew BarrymoreScream queen Neve Campbell loved a bit of satin. And Drew. The words escape us.

13. Mesh Tops

Anything netted or see-through meant you had major wardrobe game back in the ‘90s. Making your own out of ratty old school tights was perfectly acceptable.

Mel C in a mesh top Trust Mel C to work another key ’90s trend.

14. Knee High Boots

A platform heel was essential, and if you had a pair in white PVC you were the actual bomb.

Patsy Palmer Patsy Palmer AKA Bianca from Eastenders. Girl had it going on.

15. Tiny Backpacks

Completely impractical yet totally uh-mazing. Your choice of Disney character/sports drawstring/pastel fluffy blob (that got a bit matted) pretty much defined your teenage identity for like, all time.

Drew Barrymore Drew Barrymore once again is rocking our ’90s world.

16. Leopard Print Coats

From rock stars to ladettes, a leopard print coat gave you instant pub-landlady glam.

Madonna in leopard print. Madonna had a moment in the ’90s. Wearing leopard print.

17. Knee High Socks

*sigh* Clueless was like our ‘90s movie style bible, and whatever Cher wore, we wore…even if it looked a bit ridiculous for shopping with your dad in Halfords.

Alicia Silverstone & Shannon Doherty Alicia Silverstone & Shannon Doherty: Two ’90s icons in long socks.

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18. Rave Gear

Gilets, asymmetric zips, cyber punk braids, parachute pants; yep, didn’t we all flirt a bit with the rave trend? Before realizing that the outlandishly large trousers just soaked up ALL the rain. And that we looked a bit of a div…

Jacqui Blake & Zoë Ball Jacqui Blake & Zoë Ball: ready for a rave.

19. Square Sunglasses

Yeah. What was with this trend? The Appleton sisters were all over it.

All Saints All Saints loved some squared off sunglasses.

20. Hanky-Hem Tops

Because that cheeky little point hid the bellybutton piercing your mum forbade you to get.

Mel C performing Mel C makes yet another appearance on our list….

21. Retro Sportswear

Damon Albarn (swoon) pretty much created the need for obscenely tight sports tees and Adidas Sambas.

Blur at the 1995 Brit Awards Blur were the bona fide style fitties of the ’90s.

22. Bad Hats

Hands up who didn’t own, or aim to own a Kangol hat? You know who you are. Then there was the Bez bucket, and the Blossom-style velvet floppy style…pinned up at the front, and accessorized with a ridiculously large fake daisy.

Alicia Silverstone, Natalie Imbruglia & Jennifer Aniston 90’s hats. No one was safe…

23. Stripy or Patterned Tights

We bought them from shops that sold incense and wore them on mufti days with our 19 odd-hole DM boots. Cause we liked Nirvana and were ‘different’.

24. PVC

Anything faux leather, preferably in some kind of silver or cosmic effect appealed to our developing cyber goth sensibility. And like rave gear (see above), it wound up just making us look a bit naff. And don’t even get us started on how difficult it was to sit on vinyl bus seats…

Denise van Outen & Emma Bunton Denise van Outen & Emma Bunton looking tres shiny.

25. Chokers

From thick velvet Victoriana style, to those weird plastic twisty things, every teenage ‘90s girl owned a choker. The cool sixth form girls rocked ones with ying yang symbols, and we coveted them from the far end of the playground.

Sadie Frost & Kelly Brooke Sadie Frost & Kelly Brooke: making the choker work for them.

26. Mohair

Fuzzy mohair jumpers in a pastel shades gave us a kooky Bjork edge. They also meant we left whipsy balls of residue all over mum’s new three-piece suite.

Bjork ’90s Bjork gave us the fluffy sweater.

27. Midriff

The ULTIMATE ‘90s accessory. If you weren’t baring your belly, you were basically your nan.

Gwen Stefani & Nicole Appleton ’90s midriff was essential. Gwen Stefani & Nicole Appleton had it down pat.

28. A Baby-G

Prime arm candy for the technologically savvy nineties fashionista. The Baby-G had tons of functions, came in a whole rainbow of colours and if you owned one, you were pretty much winning at life – especially if it was pink. The best bit? They’re about to make a comeback – as showcased by LOOK’s Fashion News Editor Gemma – to celebrate the brands 21st birthday. Time to dig yours out, or invest in a shiny new one!