9 Weird Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Home Alone

Home Alone is one of those movies that just makes everyone a little bit nostalgic.

From it’s feelgood friendship message to it’s snuggly Christmassy vibe, it’s a guilty pleasure that 100% makes everyone feel happier about their lives. Plus, how many ways can you creatively assault a burglar?

Macaulay Culkin as 8-year-old brat Kevin McCallister – and that trademark Edvard Munch inspired scream – became the stuff of silver screen legend back in 1990, and blimey, doesn’t it still hold a special place in all of our hearts?

So to celebrate Home Alone‘s 25th anniversary (yes, we are that old), here’s some weird trivia about the film – hey, we like to think we’ve got all your pub quiz bases covered….

1. Robert De Niro Was Offered The Part Of Harry

…but turned it down. Good thing Joe Pesci is just as whopper.

> Joe and Robert = original gangsters


2. John Candy Filmed His Part In One Day

The late and great John Candy managed to knock out his performance in just under 24 hours. It was largely improvised too. RIP Big guy.

> John Candy. Our favourite.


3. The Tarantula Scream

Daniel Stern only agreed to have the tarantula put on his face if the crew captured it in one take. The scream was dubbed in afterwards as it would have scared the spider.


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4. Buzz’s GF

The picture Kevin finds of Buzz’s girlfriend is actually a boy dressed up as a girl. Director John Hughes thought that ridiculing an actual little girl was far too mean. Naww.


5. Ya Filthy Animal

Angels With Filthy Souls, the film that Kevin watches in the movie, was actually a fictional gangster film made specially for Home Alone.


6. Macaulay Wasn’t The Only Culkin In The Movie

Younger brother Kieran won the part of Kevin’s bed-wetting cousin Fuller. Wasn’t he a cutie?


7. Guinness World Record?

Home Alone took $17,081,997 in it’s opening weekend, and was the highest grossing film of 1990. It went on to win a Guinness World Record for highest-grossing live-action comedy EVER! Impressive.


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8. Macaulay Culkin Was The Only Choice

The part of Kevin McCallister was written especially for Macaulay by John Hughes – it didn’t stop him auditioning over 100 other boys for the part.


9. And Finally, Macaulay Has A Scar

The scene where Harry hangs Kevin on a hook and bites his finger? Yeah, that actually happened and left a scar. Cool huh?

> Joe Pesci actually broke the skin when he bit Macaulay’s finger in this scene