9 Vegan Celebrities That Might Surprise You

Far more than being just the latest faddy celeb diet trend, veganism or becoming vegan is fast becoming one of the most popular lifestyle choices for the A list. Many famous vegans have actually been practising for years, and are often quick to talk about the benefits of adpoting a completely meat and dairy-free diet.

The dictionary defiintion of veganism according to The Vegan Society is:

Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.

So not only does adopting veganism mean excluding all animal products and by-products from your diet, but the practice also encourages followers to give up materials such as leather and other items that have been derived directly from animals. Luxury fashion houses such as Stella McCartney and Joseph Altuzarra have already featured artificial or ‘vegan’ leather in their catwalk shows, and the demand for vegan and ethical clohing has increased notably in the last few years.

No doubt, becoming a vegan is both a bold and admirable decision to make, and one that definitely requires a lot of consideration if like so many, the thought of giving up the humble slice of grilled cheese on toast makes you feel very sad inside.

However, as you’ll see from the list below, many of the celebrities that already follow a vegan routine are definitely reaping the benefits. Not only does veganism allegedly increase your energy levels, but cutting out animal products in favour of eating more fresh fruit, pulses and vegetables will inevitably encourage weight loss, and, is also is said to improve skin condition and give practising vegans an all-over healthy ‘glow’.

This demand for vegan dietary options has also made it beyond specialist cafes and restaurants and on to exclusive award menus. At the uber glamorous BAFTA ceremony held earlier in the year, stars had the option of selecting an exclusively vegan menu that included quinoa salad and roasted butternut squash; posh vegan nosh for the celebrities? Yep, it’s enough to make us all sit up and take note.

Take a look at our list of celebrity vegans below, and see if you feel inspired:

1. Beyoncé

That’s right, Queen Bey is now following an exclusively vegan diet which she (rather dramatically) announced during a much-hyped interview slot on Good Morning America. She admitted during the interview that she’s struggled with diets in the past, and that finding a regime that actually works for her has been a difficult task. In fact, it’s clear to see that the benefits of a vegan diet clearly suit our Beyoncé (she’s looking pretty fab at the moment), and she’s even gone to far as to launch a vegan meal delivery service called 22 Days Nutrition, with her trainer Marco Borges. Go Bey.

> Beyoncé is looking especially fabulous since adopting a vegan diet.


2. Jennifer Lopez

Since becoming vegan, JLo has admitted that she has bags more energy and loves the fact that she’s eating more greens as part of a plant-based diet. And the one thing Jenny From The Block misses the most about becoming vegan?

‘Butter is the one thing I miss! Butter makes everything taste better.’

We hear you Jen.

> JLo looking fierce in Valentino at the 69th Annual Tony Awards


3. Jared Leto

Suicide Squad actor, rock star, and bona fide Hollywood totty Jared Leto is a strict vegan along with the rest of his 30 Seconds To Mars bandmates. He’s been quoted as saying:

‘Well, there was a time when we used to sacrifice goats, but then we all became vegans, so we’ve been sacrificing tofu before the shows’

Right on Jared.

> Jared Leto now sacrifices bean curd before shows…


4. Woody Harrelson

True Detective and The Hunger Games actor Woody Harrelson is famous for living a healthy lifestyle. Not only is he a strict vegan, but he also advocates and practices the raw food diet which means Woody believes in eating fruit, vegetables and nuts in their pure, uncooked form in order to extract the maximun amount of nutrients. We think Woody looks pretty amazing for his 53 years – something is definitely working.

> Woody with fello eco-warrior Stella McCartney


5. Alicia Silverstone

Everyone’s favourite Clueless actress Alicia Silverstone has been vegan for over 11 years, and has famously attributed things such as strong nails, weight loss and glowing skin to a vegan lifestyle. We think you’ll agree that Alicia is a total Betty.

> Alicia looks amazing for 38: Cher would totally approve


6. Brad Pitt

We know. Brad Pitt could be the poster boy for pretty much anything and we’d be on board 100%, but interestingly Brad is actually considered to be the biggest symbol of how to adopt a completely vegan lifestyle, and apparently, he’s been a vegan for years. How can we argue with that? A committed animal rights activist, Brad has admitted in the past that he hates it when wife Angelina Jolie and their children eat animal products. Well Brad, you look great.

> Brad Pitt looks fantastic being meat and dairy-free


7. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman has been a vegetarian since childhood, but made the change to veganism in 2009 after reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s book Eating Animals. The Oscar winning actress almost gave up being vegan whilst being pregnant, but has since returned to the fold.

> Natalie Portman wowed the crowds at Cannes earlier in the year. No doubt the vegan diet suits her well.


8. Prince

The pint-sized purple loving pop star has actually been a vegan since the ’90s, and adopts a very strict vegan lifestyle according to those in his entourage. He’s been nominated as the World’s Sexiest Vegetarian (obvs), and has famously said that as a child he couldn’t stand eating red meat. Considering this iconic pop star is only three years shy of his sixtieth birthday, we think you’ll agree that he’s looking great.

> Prince looking youthful at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards earlier in the year


9. Jessica Chastain

Lauded The Help actress and Hollywood beauty Jessica Chastain has been a vegetarian for seventeen years, and a practicing vegan for eight of those. Her mother also happens to be a vegan chef, which we imagine would be fairly handy at family gatherings.

> Jessica looking radiant at Comic-Con