9 Times Rachel McAdams Gave Us Total Life Inspo

Rachel McAdams, hands down, is one of our absolute super favourites.

Come on, apart from playing the briilaint Mean Girls super-bitch Regina George (amen) and nailing pretty much every other role she takes on, Canadian gal Rachel McAdams has time and time again proved herself to be one of the nicest girls working in Hollywood today. And well, you can’t help but like her.

Whether she’s smooching Ryan Gosling (we forgive you Rach’…almost), or rocking a knock-out red carpet look, you can’t argue that Ms McAdams is one of the most popular actresses out there. So to celebrate her 37th birthday today, here are the nine times Rachel McAdams has given us total life inspo…

1. That It’s Totally Ok To Rock A Sexy Bunny Costume

Hey, if your name is Regina George you can do what the flip you like.


2. That Pulling A Silly Face Can Get You Out Of Any Awkward Situation

We do this ALL the time.


3. That Sometimes You Just Have To Take Control Of The Conversation

Even when your mouth is full of sandwich.


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4. That Making Like A Lion Is Actually Kind Of Hot

Note to self: start roaring at boys.


5. That It’s Perfectly Acceptable To Shove Ice Cream In A Guys Face

Even if it is Ryan Gosling…


6. And That Sometimes You Need To Tell Your Fella EXACTLY What’s Up

Make sure it’s raining. Rain adds to the drama.


7. That Flapping Your Arms About And Pretending To Be A Bird = A Hot Date

Awkard girls rejoice!





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8. That Crocodile Tears Are A Girls Secret Weapon

Especially when used on on your dad. He doesn’t stand a chance. Mums? Not so much.


9. And Finally, That The Right Man Should ALWAYS Love You For Who You Are


Happy Birthday Rachel!