9 Times Kylie Jenner Looked *Nothing* Like A Teenager

Kylie Jenner has undergone one of the most talked-about transformations over the past two years.

Little by little, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has morphed before our eyes from a sweet teenager into a bonafide sex pot, and when we look at her now, it’s hard to believe she’s 18.

Part of it’s her make-up – Kylie is a total pro with her make-up brushes, contouring, buffing and baking her face to create a flawless, HD-ready visage. 

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And that full pout helps to add on the years, too. Because few 18-year-olds boast Angelina Jolie-worthy lips that turn heads like Kylie’s do, are we right?

But it’s not just that. There’s something about the star’s attitude, poise and general, sassy demeanour that leaves us marveling at the fact that she’s STILL A TEENAGER.

Here’s 9 times Kylie baffled us by looking like a total twenty-something.

That time when she stole the A-list’s sheer dress style


2) That time when she went blonde and
wore this crystal-covered Nicolas Jebran mini


That time when she looked MAJORLY sexy in this cleavage-busting dress


That time when her legs looked endless in ’70s suede flares


That time when she actually was Kim Kardashian

6) That time when she looked about 30-years-old in this bedazzled gold gown


7) That time when we couldn’t tell her and Kris Jenner apart


8) That time when she just oozed old-school glamour


9) That time when a dark lip added YEARS on. We’re baffled.