9 Things Every British Person Does During A Heatwave

It’s not often Britain experiences soaring temperatures and days upon days of glorious sunshine. So obviously, when a heatwave hits, we all know to make the most of it…

You know the score. You wake up to the sun blazing into your bedroom, and suddenly your entire normal routine goes right out the window.

Early morning coffee? Nope, I’ll have a Calippo instead! Shift dress and court shoes? As if – it’s time for that crop tops and denim cut-offs combo.

When the sun’s shining, we all lose our heads a little. The thought of being inside for more than 45 minutes (god forbid) makes us start to shake with cabin fever, we use any excuse just to ‘pop outside for some air’ and we immediately want to take our clothes off and immerse our bodies in cold water. Any cold water.

Boys’ tops come off, music blares from every open window and we get tipsy at 4pm after a few ciders in the sun. Basically, it’s great.

Here are nine things every Brit does during a heatwave…

1) Talk about the weather.

‘OMG how sunny is it today?! I can’t believe how warm it is! I’m actually sweating, are you??’


2) Assume you don’t really need suncream…

‘I normally just look at the sun and I’m tanned.’


3) Get the BBQ out, no matter what.

Because let’s face it guys, this heatwave won’t last forever.


4) … Before getting seriously confused about how to light the stupid thing.



5) Eat ALL the food.

Ice lollies, burgers, henious amounts of potato saladWhatever screams summer, we’re having it.


6) Convince yourself that any form of slightly warm clothing is totally unnecessary.

Oh wait, it’s not actually that hot post-7pm, is it?


7) Dig out those short shorts.

Because, sun.


8) Thinking we look like this…

La la la la la.


9) … When really, it’s more like this.