9 Fashion Moments Only Joey Essex Could Pull Off

Joey Essex is the man who once admitted he spends £7,000 a month on clothes. So it’s no wonder he’s bashed out some of the edgiest outftis of all time. And when we say edgy, we mean EDGY.

From the ankle watch and the Ugg boot to the birth of ‘Reem’, the former TOWIE star has always been a trendsetter. Short shorts are a must in Joey’s world, ski goggles are perfectly okay for a trip to the shops, and the sock has been totally blacklisted. It’s naked ankles or nothing for this slick fella.

In fact, fans became so enamoured with his off-beat style that he opened his own boutique, Fusey, in Essex. And hey, it’s not hard to see why. 

To celebrate his 25th birthday, we’re looking back at some of Joey’s most epic outfits of all time. Reem to the extreme.

1) The cap

If there’s one thing Joey knows how to do, it’s accessorise. Red bomber jacket and slimline shorts? Nothing to see here. But Joey just had to crank it up a notch by adding a stylish cream Elmer Fudd cap pulled right down to the eyebrows and a slick cross-shoulder man bag. Suddenly, catwalk-worthy.



2) The suit

Yes, it was the night of the British Comedy Awards, but this outfit was anything but a joke. The Essex-born star opted for a brown checked three-piece suit and a dickie bow for his awards ‘do attire, all topped off with a beaming smile as white as his collar. Salty potato.




3) The Dalmation

Whoever said it wasn’t appropriate for a man to wear a statement spotty blouse and a gold chain that looks like it might have been dug out of the Christmas tinsel box was wrong. Here’s proof.

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4) The G.I. Joey

The airport outfit can often be tricky… But not for Joey. Oh no. He just slips right into his favourite camouflage two-piece (with matching cap and trainers), adds a bright orange quilted tote for a splash of colour and tops off with a pair of Matrix-style shades. No one’s getting this guy’s autograph today.



5) The two-tone

Giving Cruella De Vil a serious run for her money, Joey made one of his biggest style statements at his 2013 perfume launch when he turned up in this dazzling half-pink half-black suit. But the biggest surprise of the day was that Justin Bieber hair. At least his forehead was warm.



The man bun

Thankfully, this dodgy boy barnet was short lived. RIP.



7) The trainers

Just like RiRi, Joey recognised that the bucket hat should never have stayed in the ’90s. And of course, here comes those bright red Lego-style trainers he once loved so dearly. Traffic-stoppers. 



8) The businessman

He may like a suit on the red carpet, but when it comes to his business meetings, Joey keeps things looking fresh. Looking to Simon Cowell for his trouser inspiration, Joey prefers his slacks high-waisted and and his polos buttoned up. Gilded shades over the slick-back to finish off? Necessary.



9) The shell suit

No fashionable wardrobe would be complete without an ’80s shell suit for those dressed-down days. And this beauty delivers on all accounts. Worn zipped down to the navel to create a boiler suit effect, Joey showed he can do sports luxe with the best of them. No socks allowed.