The £9.50 Bralet Girls With Big Boobs Can Wear Too

Cheers, M&S...

Picture credit: @fashioninflux

If you have a larger cup size, the struggle with finding a supportive and comfortable bra is real.

Not only this, you also don’t want it to look like it’s something you could transport large industrial goods in.

You know, just an actual pretty, attractive underwear set that you can wear just like girls with smaller boobs – right?

Well, this is where the clever babes at M&S have solved all your issues in one sassy bralet you’ll definitely want to show off.

M&S bralet

The £9.50 wonder-buy will change your life. In sizes 8-18, this non-wired and non-padded style is perfect for the curvier girl up top.

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Even women with a 32K cup have said they love this it, and M&S have seen bralet sales up 240 per cent from last year!

So, with everyone obsessing over it, it’s no surprise they’ve made it in everyday black, nude and white and also in two floral prints so you can flash it under a shirt, too.


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Soozie Jenkinson, Head of Lingerie Design at M&S has said “The laid back, unstructured and casual shape appeals to our customer. The bralet has certainly become a lingerie drawer staple!”

It’s a style everyone thankfully can now wear, and it’s had loads of feedback from mums on Facebook  “I’m currently 32K (usually size 32FF). I’m a clothes size 10/12 and bought a 16 and it’s so comfortable and perfect for breastfeeding.”

With another Facebook user saying “My 32GG Boobs are loving the M&S bralets at the moment.”

Massive shout out to Marks and Spencer for proving they’re always the go-to for lingerie.

Now, which colour to get is the question?

By Harriet Davey