9 Ways To Burn Fat 24 Hours A Day…

There we were thinking it’s was just what we ate and how we exercised that got our body fighting fit. But actually, studies show, that it’s we do these things that matters most. It’s all down to what your body is doing at certain points throughout the day, and timing your activities and meals around those. So go on, give it a go, time is ticking…

Wake Up At 7am: Hydrate

Keep a 500ml bottle of water in the fridge overnight and down as soon as your alarm goes off. Drinking ice cold water first thing will boost your metabolism by 24% because your body must spend the extra energy bringing the water down to your core temperature.

7.30am: Hit The Gym

An Australian study found that hitting the gym breakfast is best. Without food in your system your body is forced to burn existing fat for fuel instead – it’s perfect for giving you a metabolism kick start first thing.



8.45am: Protein Brekkie 

Your mum was right all along: start your day on an egg. Research in the British Journal Of Nutrition found that eating higher protein meals at breakfast led to a greater feeling of fullness less of a preoccupation with food thoughts throughout the day. Result.



11am: Skip That Snack

A recent study found that those who ate between breakfast and lunch tended to snack more later in the day as well. If you make your breakfast super filling instead, then there should be no need to have that mid morning munch.

12.30pm: Load Up On Lunch

Any excuse to pile that plate high. A study found that those who ate approximately 40% of their total daily calories from carbs and protein before 3pm dropped an average of 11% of their body weight, compared with the 9% of those who ate their biggest meal at dinner.



4pm: Time For A Cuppa

But make it a green one. Loved by the stars because it’s rich in a plant compound called ECGC which promotes fat burning. Having three to five cups a day could reduce your body weight by nearly 5% according to a French study.

6.35pm: Dine On Time

A 14 hour break from now until you wake up gives your digestive system a break and helps regulate your system, so eating before 7pm is key.



8pm: Go for a walk

A small amount of exercise after your evening meal can help lower your blood sugar and prevent your body from storing fat. So lace up those trainers and go on a quick walk round the block.

11pm: Hit The Hay

Beauty sleep does exist. Those who don’t sleep well were more likely to experience major weight gain, a recent study found. And seven to eight hours sleep helps keep your cortisol levels in check: that’s the stress hormone that regulates your appetite and if it gets out of sync then you’ll never feel full.