8 Times Kate Winslet Taught Us Everything About Love

Kate Winslet is a good sort to be taking love lessons from.

Not only has she played some of the most memorable movie heroines EVER, but Kate Winslet has also proved herself time and time again to be a believer in the rare phenomenon that is true love – romantic love, platonic love, and (most importantly) love for yourself as a woman and a person. Amen Kate.

So to celebrate this lovely lady’s 40th birthday, we’ve come up with the 8 times Kate Winslet has taught us something important about the funny old game that is love everlasting…

1. That Teenage Love Feels Like THE Most Powerful Thing In The World…

….at the time. Then you kind of get over it.



2. That The Course Of True Love Doesn’t Always Run Smoothly

It’s our imperfections that make us human right? Thanks Kate.



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3. That The Perfect Guy Has Been There All Along

So ladies, that male BFF you’ve known since school? You know, the one that listens to you bawling down the phone at 2am following a particularly disastrous Tinder date? The one who puts up with your BS? The one who’s always there to pick up the pieces? Chances are he’s probably the ‘one’. Don’t let him pass by.



4. That Dates Don’t Have To Be Extravagant To Be Romantic

Because let’s face it, Jack Black and a bunch of movie rentals beats a swanky old meal any day.


5. That Everlasting Love (With Leonardo DiCaprio) Will ‘Go On’….

And on, and on, and on. Cue Celine Dion…



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6. Or, That Sometimes Love (Even With Leo) Doesn’t Work Out

Kate has taught us that sometimes you have to be strong enough to walk away. Even if it is from Leonardo DiCaprio.


7. But That Sometimes The Boy You Were Crazy About (uh..Leo?) Can Wind Up Being Your Bestie

Naww. Isn’t it great to know that Leo and Kate are rocking a purely platonic vibe. It makes us feel pretty happy about life.



8. And Finally, That Loving Yourself Is The Most Important Lesson Of All

Kate has the final word here…