7 Times Billie Piper *Totally* Played Out Our Moods

Billie Piper has come a long way since dancing down cobbled streets back in the ’90s.

In a journey that’s taken her from being a bright-eyed popster right through to becoming a beloved member of Dr Who royalty, there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Billie Piper has become something of a national treasure. And to celebrate her turning 33 today, we’ve come up with all the times Billie has played out our moods….

1. Because We Want To

Anyone worth their pop salt knows that Billie’s single Because We Want To was a slice of teen feminist genius – plus us *normal* teenage girls loved the fact she bopped down those streets wearing a blazer/trainer combo instead of something you mum wouldn’t let you leave the house in. She became our wholesome yet sassy pro-girl idol almost overnight – and we loved her for it.

> Billie became the youngest artist ever to debut at number one in the UK

2. Staying Friends

Billie raised a few eyebrows back in 2000 when she began dating radio DJ Chris Evans, who happened to be 16 years her senior. They married in the May of 2001 in a secret Las Vegas ceremony, and remained together for three years before officially divorcing in 2007. It was during this period of separation that Billie famously told the Radio Times that she wouldn’t be ‘taking a penny’ from Chris Evans in the divorce settlement. They remain great friends to this day. Once again, Billie had us all saying, ‘you go girl’.

> Billie claims that Evans is her ‘best friend for life’.

3. Falling For The Wrong Guy

Billie is probably best known for playing Dr Who travelling companion Rose Tyler, and during the five years *on and off* she spent by his side, she locked lips with not one, but two Doctors. But alas, didn’t we feel Rose’s pain when she falls in love with the tenth Doctor (David Tennant), only to have him leave her on a beach at the end of series three in an emotional farewell that quite literally broke our hearts. We’ve never fallen in love with a time-travelling alien, but we’ve come close for sure.


4. Hair & Fashion Tends

Billie pretty much nailed EVERY hair and fash trend there was back in the ’90s. The messy updo, the bare midriff, the plum box colour? And now that these (sometimes questionable) style movements have come full circle, Ms Piper has once again become our insta-idol. Apart from the cargo pants. We’ll happily leave those back in 1999.

> Billie Piper rocked ALL the 90s trends we loved as teens

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5. Belle de Jour

Ms Piper raised eyebrows yet again back in 2007 when she won the part of Hannah Baxter in BBC series Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, in which she a plays high-class prostitute with the pseudonym Belle du Jour. We loved how liberated and empowered Billie was in this role – plus, it made us all want to rush out and buy new *sexy* undies. Immediately.


6. Career Goals

Billie has gone from pint-sized pop star to accredited actress in just over a decade, and we’re right on board with how she’s constantly challenging herself and giving us major career inspo. She made her National Theatre debut in 2012 in play The Effect which became the most critically acclaimed show of the season, largely due to Ms Piper’s performance. If Billie can do it ladies, so can we *fist pump*

> Billie as Connie in The Effect

7. Happy Endings

It’s safe to say that our Billie has sometimes had a turbulant time in the limelight, but like her, we all go ga-ga for a happy ending. Her marriage to Brit actor Laurence Fox in 2007 made every Billie Piper fan the world over feel overwhelmingly warm and fuzzy inside because let’s face it – they make a smashing couple don’t they?

> Billie and Laurence are one of team LOOK’s fave celebrity couples

Happy Birthday Billie – we feel like we’ve been there every step of the way!