7 Things You Should Do Whilst Getting Dressed

We bet your have your getting-ready-in-the-morning routine nailed, right?

We do – out of bed, into the shower, make-up on, hair tonged, keys, bag, out of the door (breakfast is normally al desko).

But did you know that there are 7 things you should ALWAYS do whilst getting dressed in the morning? This is to ensure you look your most fabulous every time you walk out the door (we bet Kim Kardashian does them every day.)

Well, thanks to WhoWhatWear, we’re clued up. And you’re about to be too… 

Listen and learn, ladies. 

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1. Take off one accessory

Take it from Coco Chanel. It’s all too easy over-accessorise, thinking that just a few more jewels, or perhaps another bag charm, or maybe some pom poms on those shoes will transform our outfit from drab to devastatingly cool in a flash. But on the whole, less is always more when it comes to staying chic, so make sure to remove just one little item before you leave the house.


2. Sit down in your outfit. We can’t even tell you how important this one is. Wherever you’re off to – work, drinks, dinner – it will probably require you to be sitting at some point, so it’s worth doing a trial test beforehand. If you’re wearing a short skirt, a creasable cotton shirt, or perhaps a pair of those super cool vintage denim jeans with absolutely NO stretch in them, you might want to reconsider. Opt for the loose-fit cigarette pants instead.


3. Look at your full outfit in the mirror. And we don’t just mean your clothes and shoes. Think sunnies, hat, handbag, lippy, EVERYTHING. This might sound obvious, but we can’t even tell you how many times we’ve dashed out the door only to arrive at work to realise our sunglasses are totally the wrong style for our look. Make sure it all goes together.


4. Take a mirror selfie. Or get your flatmate to take a picture of you. Because we all know that the mirrors LIE. They can distort your body or make colours look off, so have your iPhone handy to capture your look accurately. Maybe just make sure to delete it afterwards, or you’ll be running out of phone storage by week two… Oops.


5. Double-check for VPL. Especially if you’re wearing a light colour. Kendall knows.


6. Plan your bag. You may just think remembering your keys is enough, but are you well equipped for the rest of your day? If you’re wearing killer heels, remember your plasters. Off on a long journey? Take a bag of almonds. Going out after work? Pack your red lippy. Your future self will thank you later.


7. Break your shoes in. It’s the oldest trick in the book, but there’s a reason your mum always told you to give your new shoes a test-drive round the lounge for a few hours before you leave. Blisters are NOT the one, and you need that strut to be flawless.