7 Reasons Why North West Is The Sassiest Toddler

North West is possibly the sassiest toddler on the planet. Fact. 

Whether she’s drawing attention away from Anna Wintour or up-staging her designer-clad mum with an even bolder outfit, this little lady knows how to make her presence known. It’s a safe bet that little Norrie has pretty much nailed the whole celebrity gig.  

With a rockstar father and a mother who is the world’s most famous reality star, she’s had something of a head start. 

We count down just a few of our favourite moments. Cue, North. 

1. North West Upstages The Bride? 

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This guest of honour was pretty much the only guest in the history of weddings who got away with wearing white.

She just doesn’t care. 


2. Her Accessories Are On Fleek 



With a closet to rival the very best of them (Balmain, anyone?) this little bubba has been boasting top notch gear from birth. Sigh. 


3. She Has An Eye For Fancy Things




Baby North famously tried to swipe Auntie Khloe’s Chanel bling from right under her nose. Worth a try, eh?

4. North Doesn’t Do Anything By Halves



She celebrated her birthday bash with a full-on festival in her honour. A FESTIVAL. Ok, we’re done. 


5. Paparazzi Flashes Are So Passé



She learnt the A-list’s trusty shade trick from early. North knows just how to handle those cameras, darling. 

6. Her Modelling Debut Was With Chanel


Of course it was. Ours was with Gucci. Casj. 


7. Photos From Her Journey To Ballet Class Went Viral In Seconds




Our memories consist of falling flat on our faces and doing the routine wrong. It’s a hard life being an internet sensation… 


Oh, the sass. 

By Laura Jane Turner

Pictures: Instagram: E! News / @KimKardashian / @KhloeKardashian