7 Problems Only Disney Princesses Will Understand

1. Your Hair Game Needs To Be Strong

There’s high expectations on a Princess’ quaff.

It needs to stand up against high winds (Pocahontas, we’re looking at you), torrential water (Ariel may have an unfair mermaid advantage, but her flame-red locks looked immaculate on that rock) and adverse weather conditions (Elsa’s fishtail had ALL of the volume). 

Besides. If you forget your comb, you can always use a fork. No excuses, girls. 


2. Your Wardrobe Is Pretty Limited

No shopping splurges for you, miss. No matter how much you might be lusting after that new Topshop mini skirt, it’s all ball gowns and rags for you. Unless you find yourself stranded at sea, OBVS. 


3. Those Custom Made Heels Will Just Never Fit, Dammit. 

Picture the scene: you finally manage to get to the party of your dreams, you dance with your crush, and you’ve GOT to get home by curfew or else your step mum will freak AKA your elaborate cool girl image will be lost. And just as you’re the bell of the ball, you lose your shoes. 

19 Problems Only Disney Princesses Will Understand

How. Cringe. 


4. You’re Pretty Isolated

Animals are your only friends and songs are your company. You can forget all about Twitter or racking up hot new matches on Tinder… *shudders*

movie animated GIF


5. You’re Not Allowed An Off Day

Nobody cares if it’s that time of the month. Or if you’re simply feeling a little sad.  You have to look your best. You just never know when your one true love will show up…. 

19 Problems Only Disney Princesses Will Understand


6. Getting Angry May Result In A Serious Case Of Global Freezing

Mood swings aren’t fun. 


7. Under No Circumstances Can You Enjoy A Lie In

You’re most likely to be woken up by birds. Or a clock. Or a Prince who wants to marry you – what a drag, right?


Real talk. 

By Laura Jane Turner