7 Life Lessons Perrie Edwards Has Taught Us

It’s Perrie Edwards birthday!

Yep. The Little Mix girl is turning 22. And she’s very excited about it, Tweeting earlier: ‘Oh my gosh! I’m feeling 22. Now get me to work so I can see my girls!!!’

That’s not the only thing Pezza has to celebrate today – LM have also just released their new single Black Magic. Cor. It’s all going on, isn’t it?!

We thought we’d mark the special occasion by looking back on all the things Perrie has taught us since she first appeared on The X Factor in 2011.

Prepare to feel TOTALLY inspired…

1. Never be afraid to mix up your look

Perrie’s dyed her hair blonde, pink, lilac, silver… we could go on. Thinking of changing your ‘do? Hey, you only live once.



2. Don’t be afraid to fall in love…

All the great love stories start with a bit of adversity. Perrie’s faced everything from cruel Twitter hashtags to death threats from One Direction fans since getting engaged to Zayn Malik in 2013.

But the smitten couple are still going strong two years later.



3. …but not everyone needs to know your business

Perrie isn’t afraid to tell it how it is when people want the intimate deets of her and Zayn’s relationship.

‘I’m sick of being asked: “When is the wedding? When is the wedding?”‘ she recently told Capital FM. ‘I’ll get married when I’m bloody ready!’

Preach it, sista.




4. Even if you’re settled, you should *never* forget about your mates

Bros before hos, yeah?



5. Don’t take yourself too seriously

We mean, Pezza can pull THIS face and still be our total girl crush.



6. It’s *all* about the confidence

Direct quote from Perrie: ‘Stuff the haters – Everybody hates just because they’re tired of themselves.’

SO sassy.



7. Dreams really do come true

We bet this youngster from South Shields never thought she’d end up joining a world-famous girl band, winning The X Factor and inspiring thousands of devoted fans.



Aw. Have a great day, Pez!