7 Cats That Totally Sum Up Every Hangover

1. The false dawn


Pfft, I feel GREAT.

cat animated GIF

Hold up… Nope, still drunk. 

cat animated GIF


2. The fetal.

Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no.

Cat Sitting animated GIF


3. Give me ALL the water

WHY didn’t I do that soft-drink-inbetween-alchohlic-beverages thing?

Now my throat is on fire. And my tongue feels suspiciously like sand paper. Winning. 

water animated GIF



No. No. NO.  I didn’t do THAT, did I?

reaction animated GIF

TIP: Don’t check your inbox or your last dialled list. 

The hang snuggles

I feel awful so i’m just going to smother you, ok?

love animated GIF


6. The hold on, where am I?

Hello hangover, think I’ll just pull my duvet over my head.

Where’s my duvet?

Hold on, where am I?

nope animated GIF


7. The ugly

No, funnily enough I didn’t take my make-up off last night.

Yes, it feels awful.

Now shut up and let me peel the pillow from my face… 

Cat Teeth animated GIF