6 Times Cheryl Proved She’s The Nation’s Sweetheart

Cheryl stole the nation’s heart as GIrls Aloud’s feisty Geordie brunette.

Ever since she fist-pumped her way into one of the most successful girl groups ever, Cheryl captured the interest of the public.

We round-up all of the reasons why she’s become one of our favourite famous lasses.

1. Cheryl’s X Factor realness


She never failed to show her true emotions on the show, often getting very attached to her own group of contestants.

We all remember the time she took Cher Lloyd under her wing shouting ‘you’re right up my street’, and how emotional she got when contenstants shared their real life stories…

A nation fell in love.

2. Her ability to wear her heart on her sleeveĀ 

One of the things that makes Cheryl so relatable is her girl-next-door attitude.

The viewers weeped with her during her emotionally raw Piers Morgan interview, and her accounts of battling Malaria were so honest.

3. After every knock, she gets right back up again


Every woman goes through the same struggles.

We’ve all loved and lost. We’ve all experienced insecurities and knocks.

Cheryl has had to battle hers in the public eye, but she’s ended up inspiring a generation along the way.

4. Cheryl doesn’t take herself too seriously


This fun-loving Geordie loves the craic. Whether it’s in aid of Comic Relief, on Saturday Night Takeaway or Corrie, Cheryl’s not afraid to get stuck in and have a giggle.

5. Cheryl knows how to tame Simon

One of the very few people that can put Simon Cowell in his place, Cheryl’s always armed with some serious banter skills.

And their playful fights make for great X Factor viewing…

6, She’s an amazing role modelĀ 


Aside from her mentoring duties on screen, Cheryl often speaks one-on-one with her fans on Twitter, who have named themselves Soldiers.

Love you, Chezza.