Get These Balenciaga Designer Dupes For £39.99

They’re so fierce we need them immediately…

Boot season is here ladies, and we’re welcoming it with open arms because 1) there’s soooo many amazing styles on the high street we can’t even deal and 2) it means we can avoid getting a pedi for the next 6 months- yay!

So, which ones to get is the big question? All the street style stars are going mad for the sock boot and the high street is over run with them, too. But, the main pair they’ve all slipped their stylish feet in to is the Balenciaga floral boot that’s so gorgeous it can only be summed up with the heart eye Emoji.

At a cool £800, of course they’ll be AMAZING, but we’re not about to avoid paying all bills for the next 6 months (and pedi savings) to get them.

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So, the only way we can solve this big problem is to head to the good ol’ high street and yes you’ve guessed it there’s a dupe that’s so good it’ll make you do a double take.

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Ego boot

Floral boots, £39.99, has made a floral sock boot that’s so similar we can’t believe our eyes, and you can order them right now for under £40, yes really!

They may be a statement boot, but this means you can either go all out and style them up with other ‘wow’ pieces like clashing florals and prints. Or, you can let them do all the talking and wear an effortless laid back outfit to really show them off. Either way, these high street hunnies are making their debut and you better get in there quick before they sell out just like the designer pair *adds to basket*