7 Times J. K. Rowling Totally Ruled On Twitter

The Harry Potter author is taking on the world, one tweet at a time...

J. K. Rowling is not only an awesome writer – she’s also the absolute queen of Twitter comebacks.

The Harry Potter author has just received one gigantic round of applause after shutting down Mike Pence with one epic tweet, taking a clear swipe at the newly appointed Vice President and his failure to recognise his own double-standards.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday, Rowling shared an old post of Pence’s, which appears to contradict the controversial immigrant ban he’s been advocating under Donald Trump’s leadership.

Rowling followed up this with a simple biblical quote.

Ooh, snap. Needless to say, the post has been shared over 25k times.

And it’s not the first time she’s left us doing fist pumps after writing something epic on Twitter. Here are our favourite J K Rowling zingers she’s let her 9.19 millon followers enjoy over the years.

1) When she sent the most touching message to an aspiring female writer.

2) That time she felt awkward about Neville Longbottom’s super sexy transformation.

3) That time she openly mourned the loss of Fred Weasley along with the rest of us.

4) That time she was forced to explain why Dumbledore being gay was really not a problem.

5) That time she totally took down an ugly Twitter troll after he called her a ‘b*itchface’ (along with a lot worse things).

6) That time she gave comfort to a depressed fan in the sweetest way possible (make sure you scroll right to the end).