The 5 Things You Really Need To Know About Today

1. Your Pizza Box Has A Whole New Function

Pizza Hut are creating a new cardboard pizza box that creates a movie projector powered by your phone. The ‘Blockbuster Box’ features a lens as part of the design which you insert into the side of the box after punching out the hole on the side. You put your phone in the box and the lens magnifies the screen and projects it onto the wall. There are four different types of box according to what kind of movie night you are having. Choose between the Fully Loaded box for action movies, Slice Night for scary movies, Hot & Ready for romance and Anchovy Armageddon if you’re into your sci-fi. The launch is only happening in Hong Kong for now, so finger’s crossed it makes it’s way to the UK soon!

> Make sure you order a ‘Hot & Ready’ if you’re having a rom com evening.

2. The Engagement Ring That Tracks Where You Are

British jeweller Steve Bennett has created a ‘fidelity’ engagement ring which – as well as a gorgeous diamond – features a tracking device. That’s right, the ring has the addition of a bluetooth chip, which will keep jealous spouces aware of where their loved one is at all times. Incredibly creepy or a great idea? We’re not so sure about this one.

> Would you wear the ‘fidelity’ ring?

3. Apple Have Added A Period Calculator To It’s HealthKit

Finally, Apple have added a reproductive health element to it’s HealthKit. After facing criticism for initially omitting this feature, Apple have quietly added the update, meaning that women will now be able to calculate their periods and ovulation. Exactly how the app will work remains to be seen but with reproductive apps becoming hugely popular recently, it’s likely to be a great addition for women’s lives. The new update will also be able to track how much water you drink, how often you are sitting and your UV exposure.

> Ladies will have a whole new use for their iPhones.

4. Australia’s Most Stylish Goat Is Being Papped All Over Public Transport

This very fashion-forward farmyard animal has been snapped relaxing on trains all over Melbourne and is officially taking over the internet. Donning a chic hat and paisley scarf, he can’t help but garner attention wherever he goes.

> Photo: Imgur/MrSquishyFace

5. The Wedding Snaps That Will Make You Weep

Russian photographer, Murad Osmann first made headlines with his ‘Follow Me’ series, which showed him travelling around the world with his girlfriend Natalia Zakharova, as he “followed her” including this amazing pic when they got engaged. They’ve just got married and continued the series to our joy!

>Instagram @MuradOsmann "> Murad Osmann’s engagement snap. Photo: Instagram @MuradOsmann