6 Reasons Emma Watson Is The Coolest Woman Ever

1. She’s Our New Fave Model 

She’s bagged campaigns with Burberry and Lancôme and already fronted the cover of Vogue back in December 2010. And now, the 25-year-old actress has secured yet another cover of the style bible. Shot by photographer Josh Olins, the September 2015 issue sees Miss Watson sporting a gold jacquard Stella McCartney frock with the cover tagline ‘Voice of a generation’. Indeed, alongside her on-screen acting jobs, the inside interview discusses Watson’s work for gender equality and her role as a UN Goodwill Ambassador. She says: “Part of me relaxed after I took on that position, it gave me a sense of belonging and purpose. I now feel this sense of peace. People say that I’m different since I did it”. Of having a career from such a young age, she adds: “When I was younger, I just acted. It was just there. So now when I receive recognition for my acting, I feel like an imposter… It was just something I did”. See, she’s not just a pretty face.

Emma also isn’t afraid to open up about her vulnerabilities. Speaking about her ‘horrendous’ break-up with ex-boyfriend Matt Janney in 2014, she says: “I felt really uncomfortable, even before my relationship ended, I went on a silent retreat, because I really wanted to figure out how to be at home with myself.’

Shortly before the split, she headed to a facility in Canada’s Rocky Mountains which enforces a week-long silence vow. You’ve gotta be strong to do that.
> Emma Watson for Vogue September 2015

2. She Loves Disney As Much As We Do

Continuing Disney’s latest stream of live-action cartoon remakes (we’re still swooning over Cinderella), Emma recently bagged the lead role as Belle in the upcoming Beauty And The Beast. Now, here at LOOK we like to think of ourselves as smart, educated women but let’s face it, we all secretly want to be a Disney princess. And, according to the Hollywood Reporter, sources claim that Em received $3 million upfront for her role, which will increase to $15 million if Beauty And The Beast enjoys box office success similar to Maleficent‘s $759 million takings worldwide. Actor Josh Gad plays Le Fou, Gaston’s sidekick, Luke Evans plays Gaston, Downton Abbey’s Dan Stephens plays the Beast and Kevin Kline plays Belle’s father. Basically, if you haven’t seen it already, you need to.

> Instagram: @joshgad

3. She’s A Total Brainbox

It wasn’t just her character Hermione that scored high marks at school, Emma graduated from prestigious US university Brown with a degree in English literature. Pretty impressive. Not only that, but the Brit actress is a keen reader and often suggests books to her millions of Twitter followers. Aaaw.


4. She’s Changing The World

Emma’s famous HeForShe campaign is the most effective feminist movement in years. Proving her passion and knowledge on equal rights for women and men and also her ability to make a cracking speech, Emma’s UN talk has had over 6 million views on YouTube. A woman who loves women and isn’t afraid to fight for them? Now that’s a celeb we can get on board with.


5. She’s Friends With Everyone

As an actress, fashionista, student and political powerhouse, Emma’s gained a wide group of friends along the way. Popping up in pics with everyone from Harry Styles to legendary actress Judi Dench, Emma’s the most popular gal on the celeb circuit and someone we defo want to be our new BFF.


6. She’s Super Stylish

If there’s one word we’d use to describe Miss Watson, it’s chic. The picture of ladylike perfection, Emma knows how to keep things classy without entering sartorial snoozeville. From that open-back red Dior ensemble at the Golden Globes to super girly sheer embroidered Erdem, Emma always nails her award-winning style. Yup, even her style has been publicly applauded. Sending the internet into a frenzy, Emma picked up the British Style Award at 2014’s British Fashion Awards presented by new pal (and appropriately named) Harry Styles. Let’s just say there were a few tweets after that one…


By George Driver