5 Amazing Fashion Books You NEED In Your Life

When it comes to reading a good book there’s almost nothing we love more than a hefty hardback sitting pride of place on the coffee table just waiting to be carefully perused. So when we hear about a whole new load of fashion books hitting the shop shelves, we just HAVE to get our hands on them.

Here’s our pick of the five most amazing fashion books you officially need in your life. You can thank us later…

1. Young Hollywood by Claiborne Swanson Frank

Our fave combo of celebs and high fashion, photographer Claiborne Swanson Frank’s latest book takes sixty of the hottest up and coming female talents and gives them a dash of old Hollywood glamour. With a foreword by Michael Kors and pages full of totally Pinterest-worthy portraits, we could peruse this book forever.



Young Hollywood by Clairborne Swanson Frank, £32.13

2. Charles James: Designer In Detail by Timothy A. Long

After last year’s major fashion bash, the Met Ball, chose Charles James as their theme the legendary couturier is having a major moment. The Zac Posen of his time, Charles James designed showstopping ball gowns without any formal training. Now that’s impressive. Discover his methods and technical mastery in this new book featuring detailed illustrations and photos of his impeccable work.

Charles James: Designer In Detail by Timothy A. Long, £20.40



3. Thea Porter by Laura McLaws and Venetia Porter

The original queen of bohemian chic (we know, we all thought it was Sienna as well), Thea Porter was the designer to go to in the 70s. Everyone from Pink Floyd and The Beatles to ElizabethTaylor and Barbara Streisand went to Porter for their showstopping rock’n’roll threads. Find out which royal princess got her boho on at Porter’s London store in this epic autobiography and check out the clothes themselves at the Fashion And Textile Museum until May.

Thea Porter by Laura McLaws and Venetia Porter, £19.99



4. Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

Ok, so this one’s been out a while but if you can find a more timely fashion book than this then we’ll eat our hat. Become fully immersed in Alexander McQueen’s elaborate world just in time for his Savage Beauty retrospective exhibition to open at the V&A next week. Chock full of photos from his most memorable and controversial collections, this epic book is the definition of fashion porn.

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, £28



5. Dior: The Perfumes by Chandler Burr

With a cover like this, we didn’t stand a chance of resisting the hottest fashion book to be released last year. Celebrating sixty five years of creating the most amazing perfumes, Burr’s book goes behind-the-scenes to explore how all those signature Dior scents we know and love are imagined. The prettiest book you’ll ever place on your coffee table, this is one for all the girly girls out there. We’ll take two!

Dior: The Perfumes by Chandler Burr, £45.50



By George Driver