These £34 Trousers That Broke The Internet Are Back

You'll have to be quick...

When a statement item is worn by the style set, there’s nothing that can stop it from selling out. Although, fortunately most of the time they get restocked and we can still add them to our never-ending wardrobes.

But, what happens when an ‘it’ girl wears an ‘it’ item is that it sells out completely everywhere in the whole world and we can no longer get it *sob.

This is where we can help you out…

Kourtney Instagram

Keep with us here, we’re not going to tell you about something that EVERYONE wants but you can’t get because that would be frowned upon. What we’re actually going to do is tell you how you can still get those trousers that literally everyone wanted and that sold out immediately after Kourtney Kardashian wore them, and you can get them right now. Yep, really.

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Green glitter trousers, £34,

When Kourtney stepped out in her glittery green co-ord the whole of Insta nearly shut down asking where she got it, but luckily for us *all it was good ‘ol H&M. *OK, we mean the few who actually managed to get hold of it.

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Seen as they sold out in mere minutes these glittery wonder-buys were no longer in reach, even though they were only £39.99. But we’ve got to give it to the Kardashian girls, anything they touch becomes seriously hot property.

So, how do we still get them without going on a mad Ebay bid? We head to and get them for £6 cheaper, of course.

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw how similar they wear to that pair Kourtney wore and OMG we need them in our life immediately. Because, what isn’t made better by sprinkling it with glitter? Answer: nothing.

Race you to the checkout, oh and FYI they come in red too *squeal*