27 Reasons We Love Rihanna (Because It’s Her Birthday)

Photos: Rex/Instagram

Happy birthday Rihanna! Our fave good girl gone bad high-fashion songstress turns 27 today so what better way to celebrate than with 27 reasons why we love Badgal RiRi? As if we needed an excuse…

1. She’s a badass. We all saw that meme of Drake crying after their breakup and we’ve never forgotten her infamous ticking off of Kendall on Twitter when she complained about having to wait at her gig. Go girl!

2. She wore Spice Girl platform tango hiking boots…and they looked good. Enough said.


3. She’s super high fashion. Whether on the FROW at fashion week, hanging out with BFFs Zac Posen and Jeremy Scott or rocking a couture dress, Rihanna is always ahead of the fash pack.

4. She wears double denim better than anyone else, ever. Fact.

5. Two words – Her. Hair. We can’t think of anyone who looks as awesome with a pink crop, scarlet waves, Tina Turner style blonde curls, a black bob, the list goes on.

6. Her Grammys dress. Where do we start? The most amazing couture cupcake confection, Rihanna’s Giambattista Valli dress took up no less than three seats on the front row, could practically be seen from space and needed celeb assistance in the form of Katy Perry. And she looked totally gorgeous. Another win for our fave style chameleon.


7. She knows how to make an entrance. The very last person to arrive on Grammys red carpet, in the biggest dress, Rihanna made sure all eyes (and Instagrams) were on her. Now that’s a woman who knows how to do her own PR.

8. She’s a major sports fan. Consistently front row at the NBA and a firm fixture at last year’s World Cup Final, when it comes to sport, RiRi’s a team player.

9. She’s a good friend. Constantly papped with everyone from Cara Delevingne and Katy Perry to Jake Gyllenhaal and Karl Lagerfeld, we get the impression she’s pretty popular.

10. She’s a style chameleon. One moment she’s in trackies, heels and a crop top, Jenny from the block style, the next she’s ultra glam in a Zac Posen gown with millions of dollars of diamonds draped around her neck before hitting us with a super edgy off-duty look in Stella McCartney flatforms. We can’t keep up, and for that, we love her.

11. Her tattoos are awesome. From the tiny pistol on her ribs and the Eqyptian falcon on her ankle to her epic maori hand tattoo and the giant goddess Isis on her chest, RiRi’s pushing 22 tattoos in total and we love them all.

12. Her songs are all tunes. Pon De Replay, Rudeboy, Umbrella, We Found Love, the list is endless. If there’s a song guaranteed to get us on the dancefloor, chances are it’s by Rihanna.

13. She’s not a skinny minnie, The girls got curves in the all the right places and isn’t afraid to show it off. Seriously, did you see that jewelled body stocking?


14. She got banned from Instagram. RiRi’s refusal to censor her images on Instagram lead to her account being blocked. Rock and roll!

15. She made green lipstick look good. A true feat of makeup mastery, we hadn’t seen anyone look good in Dolce & Gabbana’s emerald lipstick until Rihanna. Are we surprised?

16. She’s the best celeb auntie we can think of. Always papped hugging her niece and a regular visitor to Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy, Rihanna’s got a major maternal side. Aaaw.


17. She’s a family girl at heart. Her ginormous Isis tattoo is dedicated to her grandma.

18. That Oprah interview. Set in her home country of Barbados, Rihanna opened up to Oprah about her abusive relationship with Chris Brown. Needless to say, we felt some serious love for her after this one.

19. She hired out a whole plane to fly journalists to her concert. Now that’s old school.

20. We love her accent. Her thick Bajan tones are velvety smooth and a never-ending excuse to watch all of her interviews.

21. She’s totally editorial. Whether running on the beach in scarlet chiffon, wearing a dominatrix-esque Alexander McQueen mask or reclining in the mouth of a giant shark. Rihanna is forever our model du jour.

22. She’s the only celeb we know that would take the tube to her own sell-out gig just so she could experience ‘everyday’ London life. We’ll swap for your limo next time, yeah?

23. She’s an honest girl at heart. Her bare-all lyrics and interviews (seriously, check our her Ellen De Generes clip) are straight from the heart.

24. That time she went to Christian Dior and she wore THIS:


25. When she designed that ah-mazing collection for River Island. Not only were the clothes fantastic, but every time we went down to get a piece of the collection, we got to listen to Rihanna tunes.

26. She dominated the Victoria’s Secret stage. Holding her own against the most beautiful angels in the world, Rihanna’s performance had to be one of our favourites to date.

27. She champions unknown designers, including Adam Selman and Matt Dolan. Basically she guides us on who we should be wearing…

Happy Birthday RiRi!

By George Driver