These Are The Engagement Ring Trends Set To Be Huge In 2018

From oval shapes to yellow diamonds...

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, we’re willing to bet a lot of money that you’ve thought about your perfect engagement ring a good few times.

Would you prefer a diamond? A ruby? A gold band? A vintage piece? Well, whatever your style, there are already a few ring trends emerging for 2018.

Femail spoke to gemologist and director at Pluczenik Grant Mobley to learn all about them. So if you think your partner may be about to pop the question, you may want to take note…

Three-stone rings

Meghan Markle’s three-diamond engagement ring is a stunner

According to Grant, this is a ‘classic style which will never go out of fashion’. But one recent royal engagement certainly gave it a boost.

He says: ‘Three stone rings have been around for a long time, but their popularity has significantly increased following some high-profile engagements such as Meghan Markle.’

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Real diamonds

Michelle Keegan's engagement ring *is* quite a big'un

‘Real diamonds have been used for engagement rings for centuries because of their symbolism of love, authenticity and strength,’ says Grant.

‘But while they have been big in the engagement world for hundreds of years, recently laboratory-grown diamonds have started cropping up in jewellery – and they are not understood.’

It seems there’s no need for these to be understood, as it’s all about the real deal in 2018.

Oval shape

Blake Lively

Blake Lively is rocking an oval ring

Celebrities boasting jewels in this cut include Blake Lively and Serena Williams.

Grant explains: ‘What many don’t realise is that elongated diamond cuts such as the oval usually appeal larger next to the same size round, or square cut diamond.

‘This size illusion makes a great choice for an everlasting investment.’

Well done Ryan Reynolds.

Yellow diamonds

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson’s yellow diamond is beautiful

If you prefer the finer things in life, you may want make like Kelly Clarkson and Nicki Minaj with a yellow diamond.

‘There has been an increase in popularity for fancy yellow diamonds in the last couple of decades, but they only recently became frequently used in engagement rings,’ says Grant.

‘Yellow diamonds with a fancy grading are even rarer than white diamonds, and generally come at a higher value, making them a natural celeb favourite.’

Rose gold

Alison Brie ring

Alison Brie received a rose gold piece from Dave Franco

It’s not surprising that this is set to be a massive trend. We mean, pretty much everything else we own is rose gold.

Grant explains: ‘When it comes to choosing a metal for an engagement ring, the most popular conventional choices have been white, yellow gold and platinum.

‘Other options have never been widely popular, but recent times show that these will become a thing of the past.’