19 Things That Always Happen In An All Girls Flatshare

Put a handful of girls together under one roof and a few inevitable things will always happen.

Yes, of course there will be the classic wild nights out, communal hangovers on the sofa and weekly boy moans. But there’s more.

Bronzer in the sink, constant suffocating clouds of hairspray wafting out of the bathroom and NEVER KNOWING WHERE YOUR CLOTHES ARE.

Here are all the things that will definitely happen whilst you’re living in a girls-only house. 

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1) The bathroom sink will be covered in a layer of bronzer dust at all times.

2) Fake tan on the towels? Inevitable. Don’t pick white.



3) An entire array of layc neon Topshop knickers will be hanging off all available radiator spaces. It’s a thing.

4) Hair balls the size of rats will be lurking behind doors.



5) Your Sky+ box will consist only of Sex And The City, One Tree Hill and old Gossip Girl episodes.

6) Half of your wardrobe will be being worn by at least one of your housemates every single day.



7) Texting each other from your bedrooms 24/7 will become totally acceptable.

8) One bed will be dubbed ‘the hangover bed’ and you will all pile into it on a Saturday morning with toast and tea for a gossip.



9) All of your wooden tables will be ruined. Damn you, nail varnish remover.

10) You’ll be asked to tan someone’s back at least twice a week.



11) Finding a random guy munching (your) food in your kitchen with one sock missing will become the norm.

12) Only one of you will own a full-length mirror. And her room might as well have no door as you will all be in and outof it roughly 5 times a day.



13) You will never know where your GHDs are.

14) Your fridge will comprise only of Diet Coke, wine, hummus, and a bar of Dairy Milk. Nothing else.



15) You’ll know everyone’s morning shower times off by heart. If they’re even A MINUTE late, there’s trouble.

16) All of you will secretly hide your most expensive beauty product (aka. that Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish) in your room. That 99p Boots shower gel? Straight into the communal bathroom.



17) Birthdays will become a BIG DEAL. There will be a cake, a surprise spread in the lounge featuring sausage rolls, crisps and dip and Percy Pigs and homemade banners.

18) Fancy dress gear will eventually be given its drawer. There’s just so much.

19) You’ll laugh, cry and want to kill them. But when you all move out, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without them…