This £18 T-Shirt Bloggers Love Is Everything

Who can blame them? Anything food related and we’re sold…

Hands up who loves brunch and new clothes? OK, all hands are in the air.

Enter the ‘Brunch Club’ T-shirt EVERYONE is obsessed with on Insta.


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If mega-bloggers like Zoella are wearing it, then we know it’s one we need to get immediately before her 11million followers make it sells out.

Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day, but sometimes at the weekend, you just don’t want to interrupt your lie-in – right? We feel ya. Here’s where brunch, the breakfast/lunch hybrid will be your bff.

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If getting up later doesn’t sell it, it’s also super Instagrammable with over 15million #brunch tags, and 45,000 for #brunchclub making this an actual club we can all be a part of.

‘Been there got the T-shirt’ is the mantra we’re sticking by for this one. We’ve all seen the sell out ‘Merci Mon Cheri’ Topshop tee all over our feeds, but now it’s all abut the ‘Brunch Club’

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Brunch t-shirt

It comes in white, pink and grey and at only £18 each, you might as well get all three for your next boozy brunch with your best gal pals…get them here.

Any excuse to eat poached eggs, get the perfect snap, meet up with your besties AND make a little online purchase to brighten up the most depressing Monday this year, hey? Because well, the Love Island final is upon us and we officially need to now get a life. So, brunch it is then. Too soon to pass the prosecco? Never.

By Harriet Davey