17 Thoughts Every Girl Has When Wearing Heels

Heels. They look amazing – but can also be the most painful things in the world.

And while A-listers such as Victoria Beckham, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian are almost never seen in flats, most of us find them a little tricky.

So unless you’re a total heels pro (we’re looking at you, Vic), you’ll definitely relate to these thoughts…

1) These are the most beautiful things in the world



2) Ooh. Don’t they make my legs look long?

I’m basically a supermodel right now.


3) And my bum is so pert

Khloe Kardashian, eat your heart out.


4) Hmmm. They look quite comfy

Could this really be the pair that don’t cripple me? (I already know I’m kidding myself, but I don’t care).


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5) These better not ruin my pedicure

Peep-toes can be dangerous.


6) Oh yes. The clip-clop noise

I sound like I’ve got all the power.


7) And I could do some real damage if I needed to

Just saying.


8) But can I actually walk?

Good question. Only time will tell.


9) I’ll definitely break my ankle if I fall over

Please, please, please let me stay upright.


10) And what if my heel gets caught in a crack?



11) Okay, it’s fine. I can do this

I’m sure I’m just being silly.


12) Erm. That noise is getting kinda annoying

Can’t exactly make a quiet getaway, can I?



Why does it suddenly feel like my toes are being stabbed by boiling hot pins?


14) It may be time to give up

If I take the heels off, my feet will end up covered in dirt. If I keep them on, I’ll pass out. Catch 22 at its worst.


15) That’s it. They’re coming off

Thank. God.


16) Let’s inspect the injuries

Welcome to my toes, 139284234 blisters.


17) Just gotta wait this recovery period out

It’s not even like the pain ends straight away. I’m officially throwing all my heels away and investing in flats in every colour.


(…Okay, that’s a lie).