17 Thoughts Every British Person Has On A Bank Holiday

You know the score. It’s Bank Holiday time, and you’ve got some BIG plans right? But let’s face it, best intentions don’t always equal positive actions. Those plans you made to soak up some serious culture/deep clean the flat/finally build that flatpack shelving unit, can often fall by the wayside if a beer garden + friends is calling. Here’s some of the thoughts we’ve ALL had (and have/haven’t acted on) once we get into the long weekend….


1. Life Goals

I’m going to try EVERYTHING that the Time Out suggests I do this weekend…all at once. Piglet racing? I’m there.


2. Reorganisation

I’m going to use this extra day to sort out my sock drawer/clothes rail/laundry pile, and take all unwanted garments to the local charity shop.


3. Green Fingers

I think it’s time to start planting that mini herb garden I’ve been planning all summer – weather permitting, obvs.


4. Realisation

Hang on, it’s only Saturday? That means I still have three more sleeps til work *mini fist pump*


5. Sunday Night TV

I can legitimately have evening drinks during Countryfile, and NOT feel guilty. Hooray.


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6. DIY

I will hang those pictures (alone, without the assistance of a male housemate) that have been leaning against the banister since um…since I moved in?


7. Brunch

Once I’ve done the obligatory Sunday scroll through Instagram, I will attempt one of those epic breakfast recipes all the foodies post about…or I could just finish that family sized bag of Wotsits I started last night.


8. Guilt

Is it bad that I’ve spent most of the bank holiday watching Come Dine With Me reruns? Nah.


9. Netflix Guilt

Or that I’ve spent the whole of Sunday watching Dawson’s Creek on Netflix instead of taking that scenic walk in the park…


10. Google Guilt

Or, that I decided to delete the thousands of emails stacked up in my Gmail but instead found myself Googling pictures of cute fish? Hey. Cute fish guys.


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11. Food Maths

If I order the extra large pizza in time for X Factor on Saturday, in theory it should last me the whole weekend. Cold pizza. Mmmmmm….


12. Grand Plans

I will endeavor to make Bank Holiday Sunday a day of culture, during which I will a) wear a cute tea dress with brogues, b) will visit at least one exhibition as I cradle my organically sourced takeaway coffee and c) stroll ‘til I can’t stroll no more. Actuality? I will make a duvet nest and Facebook stalk all the boys I kissed at uni.


13. Battling Crowds

I might attempt Notting Hill Carnival this year and catch some dancing policemen. Actually, on second thoughts….


14. Deep Cleaning Ideas

Today might be a good day to vacuum the stairs. Yeah. Right.


15. More Deep Cleaning Ideas

Today might be a good day to vacuum under the bed * hysterical laughter*


16. The Worst Idea…



17…Turned Into Best Idea

How about that whopper beer garden on the way to IKEA? Boom. Bank Holiday goals = nailed.