14 Things You’ll Only Know If You’re A WAY Older Sibling

Unless you have a child of your own (I don’t, so I can’t comment on that), I can’t imagine loving anyone more than my little brother. I was seventeen and just finishing school when he was born, and although I still lived at home until he was 4-years-old, having a tike running around never harshed my student life-mellow. In fact, I found myself bailing on Freshers Week and avoiding my friends come Friday night just to stay in and chill with my main man. And now, even with 568 miles between us he is, and always will be, my best boy (something my husband has had to make his piece with!) 

So, for all of you way older brothers and sisters out there, here’s 14 things only you will know. It’s a shame not everyone’s this lucky, ain’t it?

1. Strangers constantly assume that they are your offspring rather than your sibling…

2. …and seeing them try to figure out how the heck that works never ceases to amuse you.


3. Physical fights are a no-go, 1) because there’s got to be laws against that sort of behaviour and 2) you get along far too well

4. You get ‘Oh, that makes sense’, if you tell someone they’re your half sibling. Which, let’s be honest, is the truth in 99% of cases. This ain’t no Cheaper By The Dozen type luck.

5. You totally judge their friends, and have even uttered the words ‘they’re a bad influence’.


6. You’d gladly sacrifice a heavy night out to babysit, eat chocolate and binge-watch Jurassic Park with your lil bro or sis.  

7. Their technology skills are both impressive and terrifying all at once.

8. You no longer know what cartoon/band/school ground craze is cool, so buying birthday presents is a complete NIGHTMARE.


9. It’s the ultimate excuse to catch up on all the new animated films, whether they’re with you or not. You need to say in the loop, after all.

10. You become crazy defensive if anyone talks trash about them. Heck, if they’re not singing their praises at all times you kick off.

11. Even if no one else thinks it, you’re officially the world’s coolest person in their eyes.


12. You’re able to pass on wisdom about your folks that no other sibling ever could, like how to defuse arguments about curfews and the such like…

13. The most dreaded word in the English dictionary becomes your truth; HOMEWORK.

14. At the end of the day, despite your age gap, you are and always will be self-confessed soulmates.