14 Of The Most *Annoying* Short Girl Problems

Being short can have its perks – you can bag some absolute bargains in the kids’ clothing sections, and you always fit comfortably into an economy seat on a flight.

But being vertically-challenged has its downsides, too.

Here are 14 problems only short girls will understand. *Sigh*.

1) Sitting back on a sofa and your feet not reaching the floor.

2) Constantly being called ‘cute’. Especially when you’re angry.


3) Being invisible on public transport. (Yes, you are actually standing on my head).

4) Wearing sky-high heels around tall friends and still feeling like a tiny, inadequate child.

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5) Having to ask random shoppers to help you reach the top shelf in Sainsbury’s.

6) Needing a cushion to see over the steering wheel.


7) Accepting that the cropped trouser trend is next to impossible. Sad face.

8) Getting neck ache when kissing your average-sized boyfriend.


9) Crawling on your skiddy kitchen worktops to get things out of the high cupboards.

10) Mini skirt = knee-length skirt. Midi skirt = maxi skirt. Maxi skirt = strapless dress.

11) Being picked up by EVERYONE. Often when drunk. Always without permission.

12) Being laughed at as a tiny pregnant person. Yes, the bump is big. Yes, I might fall over. Yes, I waddle. Get over it.



13) Being able to rest your chin on the bar when ordering wine and feeling 5-years-old.

14) Having to roll up the sleeves on every jacket you own so that you can never quite nail that whole grown-up thing.

What is life.

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