14 We-Can’t-Believe-They-Did-That Celebrity Moments

We feel like we know our favourite celebrities pretty well.

Kim Kardashian will post a polished naked selfie to Instagram, Jennifer Lopez will always wear a killer, curve-hugging dress on the red carpet, and Kanye West always maintains that icy cool persona in public.

But we were wrong. So. Very. Wrong.

Because rewind to 10 years ago, and some of our favourite faces weren’t so polished. In fact, they did some damn right terrible things on the red carpet, and we’re here to let you relive them with us.

Hold on to your hats, because you’re about to see some total shockers. Here are 14 things celebrities did 10 years ago that they’d NEVER do now…

1) Kanye West wearing Michael Jackson gloves and faux smoking a cigar on the red carpet

Oh, and there’s that silky red plunging Staying Alive shirt. No. Words.


2) Victoria Beckham grabbing her bum clad in bullets and leather

Maybe not one for the mantlepiece. 


3) Taylor Swift working some serious cowboy boots and a poodle perm

Saying that, the scarf dress was a total must-have back in 2005.


4) Kim Kardashian wearing jeans on the red carpet

And not just any jeans. FLARED jeans.


5) Beyonce being forced to pretend-spritz herself at a perfume launch

Queen Bey would no way be down with this in 2015.


6) …And
working Dolly Parton hair with an 18th century jacket at the VMAs ’04.

Jay Z, we don’t even know where to look.


7) Jennifer Lopez wearing anything other than bodycon on the red carpet

Hang on – it’s not tight, sheer or see-through?! WTF.


Cheryl Cole promoting the National Lottery with husband Ashley

FIngers crossed no one else remembers this one.



9) Rihanna feeling comfortable and sexy in thick white tights, a tea-cosy top and a baker boy cap. 

So 2005 it hurts.


10) Kendall and Kylie Jenner being caught dead with their mum on the red carpet

Feeling those tiger stripes, Kylie.


11) Mila Kunis wearing a beach cover-up over jeans

Still, we bet Ashton fancied her.


12) Michelle Keegan having a two-year-long love affair with satin

Sorry, Mich. But we’re glad this one is over…


13) Kim Kardashian attempting to turn the schoolgirl outfit into a thing

Balmain would not be impressed.


14) Emma Stone rocking brown hair and a tan

This just makes no sense to us.