13 Times Kylie Jenner And Kim Kardashian Were Actual Clones

It’s no secret that Kylie Jenner looks up to half-sister Kim Kardashian. But actually, did you realise how many times they looked EXACTLY THE SAME?!

It’s a lot. Because when it comes to style, these two were cut from the same cloth.

Skintight pencil skirt co-ords, plunging black dresses and sheer red carpet showstoppers – the sisters’ matching tastes are uncanny. And they’re the first to admit it.

Kim regularly admits she pinches clothes from her 17-year-old sister’s wardrobe, while Kylie names Kim as her ‘biggest style inspiration.’ Aw.

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It’s not just fashion either. Kim nicked Kylie’s short hair idea and went for the chop herself earlier this year, and when it comes to selfies? Well, it’s easy to see where Kylie got her tips from.

They’re two of the coolest style twins in showbiz, and we love them for their shared love of all things glam.

Here are 13 times Kylie and Kim WERE the same person…

1) The tassel skirt

The lacy white dress

3) The hair


4) The gold red carpet dazzler



5) The plunging black number

6) The slouchy selfie

7) The little red mini

8) The camel coat

9) The structured white dress


The coloured contacts

11) The Mikoh bikini


12) The sexy mesh body

The naked showstopper

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