13 Signs Your Mum Is Actually Your Best Friend

1) She’s the first person you call when anything happens in your life

Literally anything. Promotion? Engagement? Locked yourself out of your flat? She’s always #1 on your speed dial.

2) She likes everything you do on Facebook

And we mean everything. She’s your biggest fan. 

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3) She always calls you at the exact moment you’re thinking of her

And vice versa. It’s actually a bit creepy. Psychic, much?

4) She gives you honest fashion advice

‘Not flattering.’ ‘Makes you look like a potato’. Because mums and daughters can tell each other anything.



5) She will always listen to you moan

And give soothing, sensible, wise owl advice to help you sort the problem out, no matter how trivial.

6) You’ve bailed on your friends to hang out with her

Because she’s the best company, and you know you’ll always have a proper giggle.

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7) She would drop anything to come to your rescue

Argument with your boyfriend? Scared about your smear test? She’s on the first train to come and hold your hand.

8) She sends you a Valentine’s Day card every year

Signed, ‘Secret admirer’. Bless.


9) She’s the best shopping partner

And because she’s so happy to be spending quality time with her girl, you get ALL the treats. Woop!

10) She sends you pictures of clothes whilst shopping to check if they’re ‘in fashion’

Because to her, you’re basically Victoria Beckham.


11) Your friends always say how cute your relationship is

They also love her like their own, because she’s a proper cool mum.

12) She will never judge you

If you’ve done something stupid (eg. snogged your boss, spent your entire monthly paycheque on Topshop glitter heels), she’s nothing but supportive. Because she’s your mum.

13) When people complain that their mums are annoying, you just don’t get it

Because yours is the BOMB.