13 Reasons We Love Orange Is The New Black

The US comedy series hit Netflix back in 2013, and fast gained cult status. Based on Piper Kerman’s memoir Orange Is The New Black: My Year In A Women’s Prison, it focuses on Piper Chapman (the on-screen Kerman) a PR executive who finds herself in Litchfield jail for her connection to a drug runner 10 years earlier. Watching the prim New Yorker adjust to life behind bars and bond – or not – with some seriously eccentric inmates makes for addictive viewing. True, a show based in a women’s prison featuring violence, broken hearts and drug use may not sound like a barrel of laughs, but OITNB makes us actually laugh out loud every episode, and we’ve grown to love the bunch of odd ball criminal ladies that make up the amazing cast.

So, whether you’re an OINTB mega-fan or about to watch it for the first time, here are 13 reasons why we love the show. We guarantee you’ll be obsessed as we are by the end of the first episode…

1.There Are SO Many Plot Shockers

> Every epidode will keep you guessing!


One minute we’ll be cracking up at a hilarious one liner, and the next, in floods of tears and grabbing the tissues. This show keeps us guessing from start to finish!

2.The Characters Nicknames Are Awesome

> This gang have the coolest set of nicknames ever!

Seriously, where else would you find so many ladies with awesome names like Taystee, Crazy Eyes, Poussey and Red?! It makes us a little bit jealous that we don’t have a quirky prison persona…

3. We Can Binge Watch for Hours at a Time


Thanks to Netflix, we can watch just one more, and then maybe just one more… all weekend if we like, without having to wait until next week to find out what happens. Thats worth a celebratory dance, right?

4. It Is Actually HILARIOUS.


You can guarantee one or two serious LOL moments every episode. From the totally random banter and back chat between the characters to the talent show auditions, Litchfield prison is filled with giggle inducing moments.

5. We Can All Relate to Piper

> Who didn’t feel for poor Piper on day one?

We all hope that we never end up in the slammer, but if we did, we would totally behave like Piper. Her naïve thinking-out-loud moments and clueless approach to prison life at the beginning which moves on to making friends and standing up for herself later in the series is brilliantly written and we totally feel for her.

6.The Back Stories 

> We loved finding out what lead each chracter down the criminal path


The flashbacks to how each inmate got banged up in the first place add a whole extra level to the show, and can sometimes totally change how we feel about a character.


7. Girl Power Moments

> These ladies certainly have a scary side…


From one hard-as- nails inmate standing up to another, or simply putting a male warden in his place, there are so many kick-ass female characters and moments in this show. Who needs boys anyway?!


8. Lorna Morello

> Morello certainly knows how to add some glam factor to prison life


Morello manages to look more glam in jumpsuit as most people do on a Friday night! Her vintage curled hair, lined eyes and perfectly painted lips give us major beauty bag envy every time she is on screen.

9. It Brought Ruby Rose Into Our Lives.


We don’t have to say much more than that about our new tattooed girl crush, do we?


10. We Love AND Hate Most of the Characters


From really religious and really aggressive Doggett, to mad-as-a-box-of-frogs Crazy Eyes, there are so many mixed up and messed up characters that we really dislike at the beginning, but then end up rooting for at the end of season three.


11.Piper and Alex

> WE love a bit of romance…


Will they? Wont they? These two have got major history, which leads to a pretty rocky relationship behind bars. The pair are like a rollercoaster of emotion from episode to episode, but the cute, romantic moments have kept us hoping it will be a happy ever after.

12.  It Reunited Two Of Our Fave Film Stars

> These two have come along way since high school!

Jasons Biggs and Natasha Lyonne were both two of our faves in the 1999 film American Pie, and we love having them back on our screens again. Those two have come along way since high school and band camp eh?

13. It’s Coming Back


Netflix has confirmed OITNB will return for a fourth season, with our favourite felons back on our screens in 2016. Yippee!