13 Problems That Only High Maintenance Girls Understand

Being a high maintenance girl isn’t such a bad thing. 

We know what we want. We know how to get it. And we aren’t afraid to let it be known. 

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It’s quite nice being up here on our pedestals. If you want to join us, there’s a few things you should know first… 

1. White bed sheets are a no-no

…Unless you’re happy to have fake tan streaks all about the place. Thought not. 

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2. Washing up is not for us

I don’t think so. Hot water, bubbles and a gel manicure does not mix. 

3. The annoyance when your local beauty hotspot discontinues your faithful eyeliner…

Not ok. Don’t you know who I am?

4. We leave a trail of hair in our wake 

We’re like the hair-equivalent to a slug. You’ll be finding those tresses everywhere. Think plug holes, clean laundry and in the carpet. 


The sheer panic at looking in the mirror to find your natural hair (the horror) peeping through is real. 

6. Nail varnish removal pads

…are a handbag necessity. We mean, what if your varnish chips? In public? *Shudder*

7. We need a seat

Whether it’s on a packed tube, a restaurant or a night club. Standard. 

8. The horror of leaving your eyebrow pencil at home

Sometimes you just have to resort to using the eyeliner, right? Without eyebrows, we feel naked. 

9. The bedtime routine 

We have to leave at least an hour before we want to hit the hay. You know, for all that washing, creaming and marinating.

10. Having to approve every group photo 

If it doesn’t meet the requirements (AKA we look fabulous) we’ll make you delete it. 

11. Camping sounds like a creepy way to spend time 

Just why?

Why would you pay to spend time in all the mud? Where are the showers? Where can we plug in our hairdryer? 

12. Take note: baggage limitations are not welcome 

Even a one-night city break requires at least one suitcase. That’s just normal, right? Right. 

13. We’re always late, and our friends expect it

It’s better to look good than be on time. At least, that’s what we tell ourselves as we struggle to sprint in your heels to meet the BFF… 

By Laura Jane Turner